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Linux/SteamOS Port

posted by dbrady Telltale Staff on - Viewed by 17.6K users

Hi. My name is Dave, and I'm a programmer here at Telltale. I would like to talk about Linux. First of all, I work on the engine, so I'm not really the person to ask about business or game design.

But, I am a Linux user at home, and have been for many years. I've been itching to write a Linux port for the duration of my time here at Telltale. As a result, I would like to ask the community if there's any interest in a Linux/SteamOS port? And perhaps more importantly... would there be any interest in participating in a closed beta of such a thing? Any hardware or distro will do... I can't promise you it would work on your particular setup, but I would of course want to support as wide of an ecosystem as possible. Since Linux is such a diverse culture, it's desirable for community help in testing. And no, this port would not (negatively) affect the quality of our other platforms.

I hope this is of interest to you. If interested in participating in a beta, please email me at with details about your OS and hardware. I'll get back to you soon.

Thanks for your attention.

  • Nice idea, I'll help you.

  • As long as you target the steam-runtime it should run properly on any Linux system :) Btw, it's great to see it coming to Linux, I hope than the same will apply for your other games (at least your future games, even if I would like to see TWD running on the OS too). I will give my support by buying the game after it reaches the platform (and make it count as a linux sale).

  • Such great news.

    I'm in. I've been running TTG's stuff on wine since The Wolf among Us was out, and it runs well so far, but a native port would be amazing!

  • Already emailed you. I'll do my best to help you whatever I can to see any of your games ported to Linux. Haven't bought the game yet, but it's on my list

  • I haven't posted here in over a year, but your comment on GOL brought me back. I'm happy to hear that you've been working on a Linux port, since I have very fond memories of playing many of Telltale's earlier games. I'm personally more interested in the more traditional adventure games, and I don't have a ton of spare time for testing, but if it can help bring more of TTG's games to Linux, I'll do my best to provide useful feedback.

  • Yeah, I'd love to help test and debug. My system is Manjaro (Arch-based).

    (Hey there, flesk. :)

  • I'm with Flesk. I don't have much interest in Minecraft or any of the other IP Telltale seems currently invested in (with the exception of BTTF), but if there's a chance that this could help bring legacy franchises like Sam & Max, Monkey Island, SBCG4AP, JP, BTTF, Puzzle Agent or Poker Night to Linux, then I'd be glad make time to help.

    In terms of gauging interest from existing Telltale customers, giving this thread a bit of a bump might stir up some activity. I suspect there are a lot of older community members like myself who have drifted away but are still subscribed to that.

  • I agree with Cheese and Flesk. I'm not really interested in Minecraft as much as Sam & Max, Monkey Island, BttF, SBCG4AP and Bone, but I'm glad Telltale has interest in Linux. I know I won't have time to help with testing extensively, but I'd be happy to help out with testing builds when I can. I'm on Arch Linux with Nvidia proprietary drivers.

  • I would love a linux port of the TT game engine. Agreed with the others that I'd love the older games more so then the newer games, but I'd be plenty happy with the new Minecraft one especially if that means it opens the door for future games to be on linux too.

    For me it's mostly about backlog and that the older games are more point and click oriented, which happens to blend well with my linux workstation and where I'd actually be playing them. ;)

    Count me in.

  • Yes!! Linux, linux, linux! I would get all your catalog if it was available for Linux...

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