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Recommend me an episode

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Hi! I'm a big fan of all of the old LucasArts adventure games and pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island. With said pre-order, I can donwload an episode for free, and I'll be downloading a Sam & Max episode as I loved Hit the Road.

Which do you recommend for someone new to the Telltale Sam & Max series? Should I just get the first one, or is there any concensus at all on the funniest/most fun to play/best-executed episode? Personal opinion very welcome.
Thank you!
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  • Season One has a free episode. After that, I would reccomend going to the beginning.

    Season Two is a big improvement.
  • The Sam & Max episodes really began to hit their stride in episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die!, so that might be the best one to play. It's free though, so you don't have to use your free episode on it.

    The first one I played was Ice Station Santa, the first episode of the second season. I was a little confused because none of the returning characters were reintroduced, but it didn't really detract from the game or make it harder to play.

    I wouldn't advise playing Bright Side of the Moon first, since it's a season finale and makes more sense if you know who all these characters are. Also, it spoils a lot. Chariots of the Dogs also has a lot of callbacks, and you can't even get past the opening of What's New Beelzebub? without playing Chariots of the Dogs first, unless you try things at random.

    I think Culture Shock, the first episode, is pretty good, but it's pretty small in scope compared to later episodes. Also, it introduces the Soda Poppers, who everyone seems to hate for some reason. They're in the other episodes I mentioned, though.
  • Sam & Max 105: Reality 2.0
    Sam & Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die is free so play this one first and get 105 after.

    The most clever thing would be to try 104, buy the first season, play through that,
    get Ice Station Santa as your free Episode and then buy a season Upgrade for Season 2 (27$ instead of 35$)
  • try abe lincoln must die.. a classic. The song and dance routine is my opinion.
  • Season 2 chariots of the dogs is the best Sam and max episode IMHO
  • haha yeah loved the wackyness of episode 105 reality 2.0 one of the best imo.
  • Hero1;155408 said:
    Season 2 chariots of the dogs is the best Sam and max episode IMHO
    I can second that. I wouldn't recommend it as an introduction episode, though.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Hero1;155408 said:
    Season 2 chariots of the dogs is the best Sam and max episode IMHO
    I think that's true but it also hinges on knowing a lot of past Sam & Max things.

    My recommendation would be getting Ice Station Santa, the first episode from Season Two.

    That way you can play Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die for free (as its always free!) and then follow it up with Ice Station Santa. You'll be familiar with most all of the main cast and then can go right into Season Two if you'd like.
  • A definite third on not playing Chariots of the Dogs first. In fact, if possible, I'd go for starting at the beginning if you can. I think I missed a bit starting with Abe Lincoln Must Die when it went free. It's not the worst idea, but you'll definitely be fuzzy on the attributes of secondary characters(which made a couple puzzles in 104 unintentionally difficult for me).
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