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MonkeyInMyPocketDude's short review (contains spoilers and thank yous)

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Graphics 10/10
Sound (including music and effects) 10/10
Gameplay (including the new movement style) 10/10
New characters - ideas and development 9/10
Story 10/10
Puzzles 10/10

I know I have said this before, but thank you so much for this! It really felt like a Monkey Island game, it smelled like one, it reacted like one, it IS one.
The new characters could never cast a shadow over the old ones, but it’s nice to see the differences between their personalities. There is a really nice balance between them that is hard to achieve, I presume.
The graphics fit surprisingly well, the controls felt nice, even though a little difficult at first, the music/sounds are perfect and the story is excellent. I can’t talk about each puzzle, but my favorite one will remain the “Electric-Monkey” scene. It really reminded me of the idol-underwater-puzzle from MI1. Nice touch, guys.

You made the Monkey Island fans feel like they belong here, in this little universe that we all love. I (naturally) rushed towards Voodoo Lady’s bookcase and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel that I added something to the series, for the fans to enjoy, for someone to laugh about, for my mom to be proud of! (she says “Hi!”)

That being said, I can’t wait for the next episode! I may also add that Voodoo-Lady’s vision (yep, I didn’t miss that one!) and the mentioning of a certain skull made me smile… I am pretty sure that this pirate-mad-lady-person is the pirate hunter that got her hints regarding Guybrush’s location from Murray.

I enjoyed playing this so much… I actually clicked and looked at every clickable and lookable object I could find.
Maybe it’s been too long, maybe I have forgotten much of the childhood years, but in this moment I feel the need to say that Tales of Monkey Island is the best game of the series. You really outdone yourselves! I’m proud of you, I’m proud of this game, I’m proud that you mention us in the credits and I’m proud to be a pirate! Argh!
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