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Bucket List.

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Here's mine:

  • Listen to this huge list of music that I compiled years ago.
  • Go skydiving.
  • Eat lobster.
  • Travel to at least four countries.
  • Touch someone famous.

So... What's yours?

  • Form a religon based around me (Tristianity)

    Go to space

    Get into politics, preferably in a ruling position (like a lord!)

    Have a castle built

    Have kids, at least 100. I'd like to end up like Genghis Khan, today there are 15,000,000 directly descended from him

    In my empire, I want my name to become a title

    Become a brain in a jar

    Live for 3,000 years

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    i don't really have one.

  • @LordGoss1138 pretty much summed it up.

  • Reprise my role in Telltale's the Walking Dead- I'm one of the few characters who is confirmed not dead yet they haven't used me yet

    • Make vanilla pudding. Put it in mayo jar. Eat it in public.
    • Hire two private investigators. Make them follow each other.
    • Major in philosophy, so I can ask people WHY they would like fries with that.
    • Become a doctor. Change last name to Acula.
    • Divide by zero.
    • Buy myself a parrot and teach it to say: 'Help! I've been turned into a parrot!'
    • Do everything completely the opposite for one day only.
    • Buy myself a '67 black Chevy Impala, drive it on a highway with rock music blasting.
    • Spend a day with Misha Collins
    • Spend a day playing guitar with Peter Capaldi
    • Spend the night with Anna Kendrick
    • Date a goth chick
    • Punch Justin Bieber. In the face. Twice.
    • Build my own CL4P-TP unit
    • Wield a chakram
    • Go to the Star Wars screening dressed as Captain Picard
    • Go to someone's funeral dressed as a reaper telling people they're next
    • Have a pet tiger
    • Buy a gun that shoots sharks
    • Drink tea with Simon Baker
    • Cross country American road trip through all lower 48 states
    • Go on an African Safari (And join a cause that prevents poaching in Africa)
    • Write a novel all on my own!
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    Jennifer Moderator

    Realistic ones:

    Create a television series
    Create a commercial adventure game
    Write a novel
    Create a full length film
    Create a music album
    Visit all 50 states in the United States
    Visit all 13 provinces and territories in Canada

    Less realistic ones:

    Win a Tony, Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy
    Visit every country on Earth
    Travel to space

    1. i have 2 things worth mentioning
      go to japan
      make a movie
  • Meet a nice girl who has same interests as mine, get a nice job, maybe when its time raise a family and die old and happy...

    Actually, who am I kiding!

    I wanna:

    • Kill some evil people irl who deserve it with a crossbow and with a gun, and actually get away with it without going to prison...
    • Get a pet Direwolf and call it Bigby...
    • Get a ''Dank Memes'' tattoo...
    • Make a 10 metres high ''RIP Dumpy'' memorial...
    • Become a guest one time WWE superstar... My theme would be ''Busy earnin''...
    • Do a five knuckle shuffle move on someone while John Cena is watching me...
    • Create my own planet, make life on it and call it Pandora...
    • Date someone famous from GoT... I'm thinking like Arya, Sansa, Margeary etc... But I'd be fine with Jon or Robb ;)
    • Play a character in GoT or TWD...
    • Kiss some writer from TTG and immidiately punch them for making me feel sad all those times...
    • Own a device that tells you what to do and tells you all the anwsers... It also becomes a forcefield shield whenever you're attacked...
    • Date a pornstar...
    • Make the whole world think that i made some sort of important discovery like cancer solving or life on another planet or something, make it convincing and tell every1 that i have video of it, and the video would be ''Never Gonna Give You Up'' aka RickRolled by Rick Astley...
    • Rub George R.R Martin's belly...
    • Meet Shia LaBeouf, while he's drunk and he's talking about jumping of a building into a pool of water and i'd tell him ''JUST DO IT''...
    • Become a sharpshooter with reddeadeye ability...
    • Become a proffesional archer...
    • Become a proffesional swordsman and own a sword...
    • Own hidden blades and a tomahawk and always having it with me...
    • Meet Nolan North and Troy Baker, enslave them and force them to sing for me and put me to sleep with their voices whenever i want...
    • Be able to talk to animals...
    • Have my own kingdom that consist of talking animals...

    i cant think of anymore...

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