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My games are gone...

posted by langley Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 470 users
Wanted to re-download the two Bone games to check out the improvements, but the "Past Purchases" under my options says that I haven't bought any games. Lies! LIES!!!

Anyway, can I get this fixed up? I probably still have the e-mail confirmations somewhere...
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  • I'm not sure if the past purchases section will be displaying purchases made before now, since we just set up a new shopping cart system. Doug or Jake can probably answer that question.

    In any case, just download the new games. If you're using the same computer, they'll probably activate automatically. If they don't, or if you're using a different computer, just click "I've already purchased this" and you'll be prompted to enter your order information to activate the games. (If you can't find your order information, just shoot us an email at [email][/email] and we'll retrieve it for you.)
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    Kevin Telltale Staff
    We haven't imported previous purchases into the new site, but Emily is (as usual) correct. Just re-download the game and it should fire right up on comptures that ran the game before.

    (Ack! I have no avatar!)
  • We'll be attempting to import past purchase data into the order history system in the next few days.
  • Great. I started to worry a bit... :P But I've purchased Sam and Max: Season 1 - will it show up in the purchases bit on Wednesday?
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