Sam & Max glitch thread; windows 10 fixes Here ( Warning not a telltale stuff )

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This article realize has miner spelling fixes, and the spilling might be an issel. That ill forecast when done with this article unloose the moderates does it for me or binned me from doing this. Thanks for your understanding from Wright Micah. this might brick guidelines 2.3 or 2.4 but it was not might content on doing so. I Am not a telltale stuff, this windows 10 fixes only work on sam & max season 1 (steam only), i did found a solssen for season 2 but i can't because of this quite "you may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any such proprietary information" & Copyright Policy/DMCA Notice. (Windows 10 Fixers at bottom at Discussion)

sam & max season 1 episode 1 glitch's when you go in to Sybil's you will see level "sybil future",( instead of past Sybil) when your doing here is doing your psychoanalysis.
However warred ( the soda poppers) will still be there. now in reality you only get those psychoanalysis; when you knock down the 3 Soda Poppers not before. now those graphics glitch get's sturger, when sam max comes the door to talk to sybil, the dialog is still there however if you look at whizzed it is not there at all just his voice. ( only in future sybil).

Glitch 2: brady culture, hirmetisers sam, you get until those dream seaqunse, that you will see 4 of his hands, sometimes, when you get out of the Dream after talking with Basco, you might not have sam's gun. that's because the game is not sure when you are past Bosco or future Bosco, this only applies if you want to future sybil pandemic explain above.
glitch 3: there is a major glitch in the game you can beat this game within 5 minutes tune 2 hours ( i myself get those sometimes but i don't know why it does that.)

Sam & max: Episode 3: glitch, there is a issel, in the game you don't need the lessening beg, to go see the chuckles head of the concern; it will take you to the part when chucklesm asks sam & max 3 quests. 1. kill sybil 2. return the meatball soundwish; 3. get tidy bear to bosco. now when you go back to the consene the game assumes that you got the lessenal big, however telltale file system, under sam & max voice will not changed.

ex: when you talk to the guild you will see the password chice. in reality if got in the headcoutles, the password chice is gone, but you can stell freely to go to the handcoutles.

glitch 3: When this happens from above handcoutles Steakcharmer, will not be in SAM & max office ( this is unknown why ). meaning there is no passable way to get the soundwish or the cap gun. the only way past it is; that you have to force scarp to god mode with the finale then he cheese tab to revive the Leonard Steakcharmer. form the game date. but the only thing that does is for you to get the cap gun; meaning. If he is tild up; even with the right commends for yo meme jokes. the game will not detect the soundwash to you.
glitch 4: If sam has the cap gun with max, sam will shy i can't shoot or can i; that scene only applies to bag gun not to cap gun, ( if you have glitch 3). meaning no passable way to end the game. ( even like my salf hor played over 10 hours it will never work). resewn was telltale remove the refice of past Rooms but works in episode 4-6. even 1 & 2.

Episode 4 season 1 has no known glitches.

Sam & max Season 1 episode 6 glitches: There is a pount in the game, that high bless, tacks max's one hand, tell, and stamacle to make 3 max's.(no glitch) however if you somehow get the glass hand globe of high bless, before the 2nd walking thew for his prods, max will be trapped in the glass jar, but all has body parts are still gone in game date.

Glitch 2: this also courses anther glitch, is when you beat hugh bliss, by adding has water tank with fire from the jat. ( all the glitch's are gone except 1). max still has no tell, stomach or left hand, even weirder the glove comes on like it's thew. last and at last. in the credits you still see no tail until you see (quit or new game).
glitch 3: it is passable to get 1 trillion dealers, before the Hugh Bliss hypnotism. let me explain even if you get the thew up deface from Lincoln. and get the paper, sybil will only pay $100,000. I found a way, that she'll pay 1 trillion dillers even without Hugh Bliss hypnotism by tracking the game to thick it is "sybil future" however that only exsted in episode 1.

sam & max season 2 episode 3 Glitch's ** There is a glitch that you can go to jargons casle even if sam **Dos not know the localness where the carcle is at At however was you het there it plays at normal.
at rare cases, super ball, will not be thew when max & sam lives jargon place ( WTF ). even thew i myself came to the door, even talk every single dialog and he is still not thew.
even which if you go back to the door he magically is there again. (but it only happens one time).

glitch 2: when you go to jurgen intel center ( he is out of his coffin) but sam & max ghosts also out. with uptake of that sam & max are not zombies, with why is there ghosts out if rule sam max are thew ( bag time glitch). at rare cases when sam & max lerve jurgen place, there walk thew a wall ( not even the elevator you will see either. with uptake of that jurgen is also thew to as if you never came to his centiewl at all. ( surely this game will frack what i'm doing nope, it's happy telltale game). alsome work telltale.
glitch 3: it is passable to have zombie Abraham Lincoln brain, even if Flint Paper including ( or even Abraham Lincoln Not being thew) that's because if you read glitch from above and look at Jurgen's picture you can see his poem, unlike before you do Abyss: Fourth Yellow, Razors: Third Yellow, Pain: Third Pink and Parents: Fourth Pink. it won't work because without the seeing the pacshere, that part will never accreted even done correctly. you see flint paper never appears ( sam & max are not zombies ). now with that said; come incapacitate flint ( bag time glitch telltale ) glitches, after the fact, has body not thew, or ab Lincoln; ( the 2nd secure door will be open) hmm really odd glitch.

glitch 4: you can beat the game without sam & max turning until zombies ( really what is the point of zombies Then).

sam & max season 2 episode 4 Glitch's there is a glitch in the game that if you do everthing; in the messens or side quest, or exested every talk opsenes. and you are at the ending when the spaceship is about to explored. that if you go to god mode & force the room 3 scarpt. if will take the sam & max at the beggening of the birth room seen. that the jugs are unattish or gun shoots. This is an issel; because if you played the game and shot the bowl at the begging of the game, even if you use G.O.D mode that brow will stell have sam hole in it. so unloose if you did all side messens it will resent the file management. It might not be bad but you will see the Annette intro credits again. even which you will not see Bosco, but you are stell talking to him. that's because his code was deactivated. base on the fact her is in the soil cressing machine room. but the speech stell works.

glitch 2 it is quite passable that if you sent Pedro his death fate, that he will shy that you answered all his questions tune you see him live, that is a problem; The game in reality you also need to give him the chicken or the egg for him to live. however this might an shortcut for telltale, that they do one thing instead of 3 for testing purpose

Episode 5 season 2 has no known glitch's however this is glitch that is in the game that is caused by telltale, that if you replaced the causing purper with the food muna, you are supposed to to come back to the soda poppers, that has name will go to explored to un-censored. however it may not work at rare cases, making the game to impossible to complete. that is because it is imposable to get that people back (it is passable with god mode only once). so you can only work awned until you quilt the game.

Windows 10 issels starting with the realise of windows 10, DirectX 9 dissent excellently work will base on the fact that windows 10 itself does not include DirectX management cody. unlike windows 7 includes the September 2010, vista June 2006 or desamber 2007 realize. windows 8 and 8.1 has june 2009 source code. windows 10= na. even thew the DirectX 9 is mostly supported at the most port. it's just there is a beg that occers in march 2008 or below (sam & max season 1 includes). that it will fell base on it thanks it's windows 9x. however the file management installs. but can't be used in windows 10. So the solshean to that problem is to install DirectX june 2010 SDKs from microsoft. that it will bring it to speed ( this does not apply to sam & max season 2).

2nd issel; there is an issel that sam & max SDKs on fell screen mode, now of nortise of me using Intel hd graphics 4600. that wddm 2.0 might be the coursed. base on the fact that 4600 32-bit or 64-bit it always syes the game work t unexpectedly. so want i did is i downgraded, to (hd Graphics 4000). tune it works as expended however 64-bit still dissent work. The problem starting with windows 8, is that most stores like bast buy no longer offer 32-bit windows not even 10. unloose you buy it online. so saying going 32-bit is not a solseen base on the fact the manadecvsher might not include the wddm 1.3. or any logical components sense the windows xp times. Even if there did it stell might not Work depended on the graphics card. so the only solsiren really is to force the game to widescreen mode. Do Not Change back to fell screen it will just close.
Soo here is what you Do on steam, Too force the game to widescreen mode, by (This will not work on physical merchandise because of securom

  1. finding steam, open it, go to sam & max what ever episode in season 1.
  2. right clack properties, then local files; next find Browse local files.
  3. find prefs.prop, now hold go back to steam as you did in steps 1.
  4. Find Set launch options type -sw. tune start the game nothing will happen
  5. remove -sw in SET Launch options open prefs.prop using notepad
  6. find line windowed0, the easiest way is to go to edit tune click find next to locate windowed0.
  7. change windowed0 to windowed1
  8. tune play the game (it should fix that supposing wddm 2.0 issel and 64-bit computing)
  9. if you feil just move prefs.prop. to recycle ban tune delete do the same as steps 1-2 except of browse local files click on Verify integrity of game cache instead. after that IS down just do 1-8 again until you finally get it right

Update 2: i found a leck that is more up to date that also has infermasen that will track the game to thanking that wide mode will really be in fell screen mode called Borderless window. i will also going to part out that sam & max session 2 episode 4 are coming soon i have been busy in those last couple of Mouths. thanks for reading my post and thicks for the moderates for not banning me or removing the untel post from others not seeing it


  • Wow, this forum is alive? It wasn't even listed with the rest via the main site, I only found it from a Google search, does that mean there's also a forum for Back to the Future?

  • Sorry this tuck me awer to respond i was working on Build 347 known as windows 10 faxes plus more sam & max glitches

    yes the back to the Future is still in the web using this luck below me, I do wish - agree; that someone in the Moderator committed should advertise it bitter.

    Harian96 posted: »

    Wow, this forum is alive? It wasn't even listed with the rest via the main site, I only found it from a Google search, does that mean there's also a forum for Back to the Future?

  • Scroll to the bottom of the main community page, then click "Show All Games." There's quite a bit....

    Harian96 posted: »

    Wow, this forum is alive? It wasn't even listed with the rest via the main site, I only found it from a Google search, does that mean there's also a forum for Back to the Future?

  • Wright Micah Final* Build 09, Telltale Community warning i am Dyslexic, if you can't read it i'm sorry

    sorry that it tack me 4 mouths to see your comment but yes your right it is stell on the mean site for the page. is really at the bottem i guess all that work of making weblucks of thaseds of backmarks. I did was not naslly at all. thacks for the infrormative info. i fount like an ident of not looking the bottem of the page.

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    Scroll to the bottom of the main community page, then click "Show All Games." There's quite a bit....

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