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Wah wah wah, stick your complaints up...

posted by Angel Summoner on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Wah, you used the wrong shade of blue for the sky.
Wah, Guybrush didn't say "papapishu".
Wah, You didn't refer to [obscure cult character].
Wah, I hated that starfish on the beach.
Wah, you ignored all my brilliant and better ideas/suggestions.
Wah, It doesn't look just like a movie.
Wah, I can't get 300 fps on my ultragraph 10,000 graphics card.

Any more pointless whiny ungrateful moaning comments?

Personally, I've just completed the first episode and I am thrilled to bits with it. Well done Telltale!
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  • Wah, I can't stand people who complain about other complaints!

  • smashing;158374 said:
    Wah, I can't stand people who complain about other complaints!

    :D Very funny!
  • I think everyone is entiled to say if they are unhappy in some way, would you rather they have no idea why people are unhappy or they get low sale etc. I personally will buy the MI games either way but there are some problems that need sorting out, and i didnt really have a problem with MI4 so its not me being picky.
  • smashing;158374 said:
    Wah, I can't stand people who complain about other complaints!

    Is double-irony the same as reverse psychology I wonder?
  • I think people have a right to complain, but when they say that very minor things ruined the game, complain solely because something was changed and they're not prepared to give it a chance, or are really rude about it, that's not right.

    There's a difference between constructive criticsm and flaming, and it's not in how eloquently they're written.
  • People definitely need to be able to explain their problems. But lately the forums are taken over by people who whine over insignificant things like they're the end of the world. And to wax somewhat hypocritical, why can't people appreciate what an awesome thing Telltale is doing, and then calmly/nicely explain difficulties/complaints they have instead of starting threads (half the time in total ignorance) that flame TT?
  • We all yearn for a perfect game, but no one know what a ubiquitous perfect game is like for everyone. So, raising feedbacks are really the best way to know what the demographic feel need improvement for the developers to come out with a good reasonable fix for a consensus good game. There is no way to please everyone though (other than giving away money).

    Basically, if the complaints revolves around fixable stuff like customization to a localised audience (be it mappable keys, other language subtitles, differing platform) and snags as faced by people (controls mainly and technical issues on graphical and audio glitches), then it is save to say that the game is quite successful mostly.

    And complaints or feedback or whatever way you are calling it, it is a sure sign just from the post-count that ToMI is fast becoming the winning franchise for TTG. It has already overtaken all games except S&M just on 2 months of activities? And I believe by episode 3, this will have the highest traffic.
  • While the complains might seem harsh, if you take a peak at the poll threat, its like 95% that is happy with the game, most of us just want to help steer Telltale in a better direction, you should never settle with anything, if people were all mindless none demanding zombies, we wouldn ever get anything that was better, :)
  • This whole thread reeks of fascism.
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