Law & Order: Legacies on Steam Missing

Hay! Wanted to buy today on Black friday Law & Order: Legacies on Steam, but can't find the game there. Still, can google the link to steam page of the game, but the link leads nowhere. Will this game be avaiable on Steam or it has been removed?


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    Unfortunately, it seems like it has been removed from digital sale. It's no longer available on Steam or on the Telltale website (clicking on the old store link on Steam leads to the main page and doing so on Telltale's website leads to the Law & Order section of the forum. Clicking on the iTunes link also takes you the main page of iTunes now, as well, so it appears as if it's not available digitally at all anymore, just like Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures.

    Unfortunately, it seems the only version of the game left for sale is the PC version on Amazon UK, but they don't appear to ship outside of Europe.

    You can also buy it through Amazon now too, so you can purchase it if you don't live in Europe, while supplies last.

  • I still don't understand why Telltale lets game rights expire without some sort of, "Hey, if you ever want to play this game, buy it in the next month, after which it will be gone forever" warning post. It could have been a way to make some extra money at the end of their contract at very little cost. Oh well.

  • Funny thing, the game was there during last Steam Sale. Wanted to buy it then, but thought "hey, I've already bought too much, better get this next Black Friday sale!". Nuff said :(

  • I'm guessing it's due to a combination of not wanting news that could be perceived as negative (unless it's something important and/or related to a current series, like a longer wait for Wolf Episode 2, or a last minute delay for Minecraft Episode 3), or it could just be an assumption that most of the older fans who liked Wallace and Gromit/Law and Order have moved on and that newer fans would mostly be interested in the whereabouts of choice based titles.

    Still, though, I agree that some kind of heads up would be beneficial in the future. Law and Order is a smaller title, but I'd hate to see games like Sam and Max or Monkey Island vanish out of the blue without so much as a word.

  • That's too bad for people like me, who adore Law & Order in all forms and have never even heard of this game until minutes ago. I would've been more than happy to throw down the average new game price of around $60 for this because I love L&O that much. Now I'll never get to play it.

    And to me, this sort of thing where they let game rights expire and don't announce it? It sounds like they completely effed up, made a crummy game that didn't sell, so they're trying to hide their failure and cut their losses. Be that true or not, that's just the impression that behavior gives. It's like hiding a dirty secret. "What? No, no, we never made a L&O game. Why would we do that, there's no market for it!"

  • lol forgot to buy it separately with WWE 2K15 and refunded them last month.
    Does that 2.99 GBP one offer a steam key? Seems not.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    No, if you buy a Telltale game at retail you just get the game disc, you don't get a Steam key. They're selling it now through Amazon as well though, here, so there is a way to purchase it now if you don't live in Europe.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    Amazon is apparently still selling Steam codes here (as the reviews mention that the code is unlocked via Steam). I doubt that will stay up for much longer.

    It's been confirmed by Telltale now that Law & Order: Legacies is no longer available for purchase. If you already purchased Law & Order from a digital storefront, they've posted a support center article with information about how to download your purchased game from Steam, the Telltale store, or iTunes.

  • I found this 4 days ago too and all copies bought by resellers in the past 24 hours, the same thing happened on G2A's $30-60 old telltale collection gift copies.
    Still waiting ticket reply, very lazy support team, not happy. :(

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