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Finished! My impression.

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Did the pre-order and the download deliver was insanely fast, like 180+ mb in a couple minutes. No issues with game or installation. Started the episode tonight and finished in a couple hours. Wow! I really enjoyed it. I genuinely laughed out loud a few times (the facial expressions are really good) and I thought the puzzles were great (although I never understood the wind on the map, and I just did it by trial and error). The island map looks great. I wasn't really sure what to expect and I think I got the game more for nostalgia purposes, so I certainly didn't expect to go through it in one sitting, but I didn't want to stop. Now you're telling me I have to wait a whole damn month! NO! Hehe. I guess that's just the deal isn't it :)

It's a great game on its own and, so far, as good or better than other MI games in the franchise. I think it is a success. Nice job!
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