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Bone Inventory problem?

posted by jeditribble on - last edited - Viewed by 336 users
I got myself the first Bone episode, but I seem to have run into a technical issue.

When doing the chores on the farm, the inventory stops working. What I mean is that I cannot use the items anymore - if I click on them to use, or look at them, nothing happens. This seems to happen after I chop the wood.

If I restart and load the game, I can use the items again. However, if I save after chopping the wood, restart and load, most of the items are gone from the inventory (including the corn), but I cannot pick another one up.

Is this a known bug? (Sorry if I missed it on the forums.) I made the foolish mistake of not saving the game before getting to the farm, so I hope I don't have to play through everything in order to continue. Or maybe I am missing something, but not sure what.
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  • Ok, I somehow managed to get around this by first using the cob on the bucket, then doing the wood. Then I couldn't use the inventory any more, but I was able to ask the dragon to breathe fire on the cob, and then I _was_ able to use the cob on the bucket.

    Anyway, it was a bit of an annoying bug - wonder whether I'm the only one it's happened to. I was able to play the rest of the game, just like the game up to that point, without a hitch.
  • That's definitely strange and not something I've heard of before (though Bone is slightly before my time). I'll try to have someone take a look at it when we get a chance.
  • I'm having the same problem. The dragon popped my corn but I was unable to use it on the bucket, trying to do anything with items just closed my inventory.
    I saved, quit and loaded again because I think I had been unable to use items before and that had fixed it. My corn cob is gone and I can't pick up another because it says I already have one.
  • Sorry about the thread necromancy but I'm having the same issue: the corn disappeared from my inventory after reloading, and I can't pick up a new one.
  • I'm having the same problem. The game wouldn't even let me select the bare corn cob, and it vanished after I reloaded. Since I can't get another one, it looks like I'll have to start from the beginning.
  • Hey guys, I've been asking around about this and it's kinda baffling. Unfortunately, Bone was so long ago I'm having trouble finding people in the know.
  • I've managed to go around the issue somehow. In some cases, when you use the "examine" icon on an inventory item and the inventory closes without telling you anything, it seems you have actually selected the item (even if it doesn't shoe up) and so you can use it too.
  • Same issue here, the inventory became irresponsive and when I reloaded the autosave the fixed bucket was nowhere to be seen (not in my inventory nor near the well).
    It's definitely a showstopper for anyone who just wants to play it (read "my girlfriend").
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