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What Roles Do You Want TFTB Characters to Have in BL3?

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When Borderlands 3 hopefully comes out, I imagine it will tie into all previous Gearbox titles, as well as Tales From the Borderlands (I mean how could it not?).

So how would you like to see the characters from Tales From the Borderlands implemented into Borderlands 3?

For example: I'd love to see Fiona as one of the four base vault hunters. If she wasn't, I feel like her entire character arc would be wasted! As for Rhys and Vaughn, I'd like to see them as NPCs, with roles as major as Roland in BL2 personally. Loaderbot and Gortys as NPCs would be appreciated as well. And lastly, I'd like to see August as some sort of shop keeper like Marcus or Crazy Earl.

  • Well, Fiona could easily be a NPC Vault Hunter which would make her a quest giver. Also, in my huge BL3 proposal, I thought the idea of having team ups with npcs in combat would be fun, so there could be events where you fight alongside her.

    Rhys could be an easy justification for bringing back guns from BL1 that were removed in BL2, also could justify why the few new guns of TPS (laser guns were just redesigned E-techs with a bit more variety) make it to Pandora.

    I've written my opinions on what Tales can bring to BL3 and also my suggestions overall for the game, in a massive essay on a few threads here, but I'll have to dig it up and break it down to just characters for this thread.

  • As long as BL3 contains a kick-ass Siren i'm good with whatever they bring to the table. Also I love Jack, but he's dead. Let's Keep it that way and introduce some new antagonists!

    I agree with @firehawkcultist tbh, with the fact Fi could be quest giver etc, because then you can open the possible to a complete new group of Vault Hunters.

    To quote The Watcher "Now is not the time for bickering, Vault Hunters. War is Coming. And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get!"

    And the fact Rhys owns Atlas, BRING BACK ATLAS GUNS!

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    Fiona as DLC VH (special discount for owners of TFTB)

    Rhys as quest giver (Atlas baby!)

    The others... well just have them referenced or as simple NPC cameo characters, too many crossing over characters in important roles could backfire with BL players that didn't play TFTB.

    One thing though, hidden references to events must be placed around (like having Rhys send an "Atlas Xtreme Latte 5000" to Athena)

    • I wonder if Gearbox is still going to stick to their 4 playable characters at launch model. Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel both got two DLC vault hunters, and with Lilith and Brick and Mordecai and Athena and Fiona and EVERYBODY else, with the Guardian saying they'll want all the vault hunters they can get, wouldn't we want to play as everyone?

      Now even if they reused all previous characters' skill trees and powers (As long as some new ones hopefully), I'm sure it would be a bit of work to get a lot of VHs in the game at launch, or even DLC. I can hope, though!

  • I want them all as npcs honestly, I'd love to go to Hollow Point and get quest from August in the purple skag.

    As for Fiona being a playable vault hunter, I don't really want that. Maybe a npc vault hunter but, playing as Fiona and suddenly being able to lift a rocket launcher wouldn't feel right. Also I feel like Telltales making choices and talking just works best with Fiona and removing that would remove her character

  • This is what I think would be appropriate for any appearances in BL3. Like what @firehawkcultist said, Fiona would be awesome to see as a Vault Hunter, but specifically how he said as a NPC instead of a playable character. I'd love to see her as a DLC character though. But like he and others said, she'd feel a bit out of place with the mass slaughter gameplay the shooters bring. How her combat in Tales works is perfect for her image. Rhys should definetly be a quest giver though. Also, his ownership of Atlas should bring back Atlas gear. I can just imagine him feuding with Marcus about putting Atlas guns back on the market. Vaughn should also be a quest giver, but not only that; since the Children of Helios are now peaceful, the crashed Helios station should be a hub like Concordia and Sanctuary. I'd love to see more hubs and such. Now what I'd think for Sasha and August is at the Purple Skag in Hollow Point. They'd pretty much be like Moxxi but with their own unique (and not sexual) quests with amazing awards like the Moxxi ones. Loader Bot and Gortys I have no idea about, but just keep them awesome as ever.

  • I'd like to see Rhys as the antagonist (not a villain, but more of someone who is trying to accomplish opposing goals). Rhys is the only character that has any chance of being a better antagonist than Handsome Jack. Rhys would be like Handsome Jack in the sense that he is a likable character, but also like Zarpedon in the sense that he isn't necessarily evil.

  • If he got teleported to Promethea or another death world, Rhys should become a Vault hunter who dual-wields Atlas revolvers and multitasks by doing meetings while kicking ass. If not, he should be the primary quest-giver in the game and assist Vault Hunter Gen. 3 by providing them with all the resources Atlas has to offer.

    Fiona should definitely be a Vault Hunter and lead the group. Sasha should specialize in DPS, August could be the new Brick/Krieg, LB could kick ass in his new body and Vaughn can do team support.

    Also, Gortys should appear all the time because she's awesome.

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