Poker Night 2 on Xbox 360 is looping a sound effect and I can't stop it

I've been playing Poker Night 2 for about a month, and now suddenly Claptrap is making a DUB music sound effect that is constantly looping throughout the game. I have tried everything, including deleting the game from my 360 and re-installing it. The looping sound effect is still there, like it's tied to my account. It's quite annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the looping sound to stop?


  • Part of the joke is that Claptrap's wub-wub-wub sound effect goes on for several seconds to be annoying for comedic value. Do you mean you encounter that dialogue frequently, or do you mean that the dialogue is looping for an extended amount of time? If you mean the "wub-wub-wub" dialogue is going on for more than a few seconds, you might want to try one of the following steps.

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