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UK Purchase Frustration

posted by LadyFalcia on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users
Hi there!

I currently have my £22 in my account ready to be sent over to you wonderful people who have ressurected LeChunk and the Threepy One once again. However whenever I try to pay through the site, it says that it could not verify my card. I have tried my Paypal account, straight from my Visa Debit card, nada!


There were some errors:
Your bank declined the charge to your card. Please contact your bank before continuing.

However, I have plenty of money in my account. Could this be because it's a Debit card?


We were unable to verify your debit or credit card. To continue with your purchase, please select a different funding method, or add a different debit or credit card, then click Continue.

This card isn't due to run out until Jan 2012. Is this because I'm from the United Kingdom? (Great Britain... yeeaahhhh)

I can't see any problems, and considering I called my bank earlier this morning on an unrelated problem and they said it was now all sorted out, I don't think I've been struck by a sudden lack of funding. Please help!
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  • Aha! All sorted. The bank locked down my card because I'd bought some plane tickets, apparently. "Random fraud check". The fact that I'd rang up this morning talking about it didnt seem to register. Gotta love banks.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hi LadyFalcia, is it safe to assume this is resolved now? :)
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    Please contact your bank before continuing
    This is a clue that you may need to contact the bank. ;)
  • I'm getting the same error message, I don't think my account is being investigated for fraud because I've taken money from the account not too long before and after trying to purchase SMI through steam.

    I haven't used PayPal in a long time but I think I have an idea what the problem might be... It used to be so that you could just have a site redirect you to paypal, you sign in and agree to the transaction and they'd forward the money from your bank account to whoever you were trying to pay.

    From what others have said in other threads, it seems that you now have to transfer money too paypal itself and then use that money to pay for online services.

    Is that right?
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