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First adventure game played?

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Perhaps a question more for general forums but it's nice in here so I will start the ball rolling by saying I actually got into computers and gaming by playing a text only Scott Adams (not the dilbert guy) game that came out in 1978, on the vic-20 in 1980ish called Adventureland and had the bug from that day on. This was released in cartridge format and you had to type sys32592 when the vic-20 started up to load the cartridge! After this I went on infocom and some nice adventures on the zx spectrum like The Hobbit and some Vampire game I forget the name of.. Sold all computers and took up guitar then many years later discovered Monkey Island and King's/Space Quest and here I am now.
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  • I grew up playing the King's Quest (and sometimes Space Quest) games with my family. Every now and then we would huddle around the computer and spend the entire night trying to progress in the games. I think the first one we played together was IV, but it was V and VI that made me an adventure game fan forever.
  • Not many talk about King's Quest but those games were really excellent, same experience here, IV, V and VI and I think 7 was a windows game iirc.
  • IIRC, the first one was Secret of Monkey Island on an XT pc, the 16-color version.

    From there I got every Lucasarts adventure except Zak Mckraken, which was really hard to track down.

    I played some of Sierra's games, but never got hooked on them like with the SCUMM ones.
  • The Secret of Monkey Island.
    Well that's the first one i "owned"... Some guy my mom knew came to help set up our very first comp, and he brought a bunch of games along which he copied on the hard drive.
    At first i was too excited about being able to finally play star wars's jedi knight to care, but a few months later i ended up at his place and played Day of the tentacle. I loved it and wondered if it was among the crap he had given me...
    I was pretty disapointed not to find it, and i decided to see what this monkey thingie was about :p
  • What was cool in the old days was no hints, no internet, I remember buying Computer & Video Games magazine in 80s and each month they had one page of adventure with some hints at the bottom, was tearing hair out but when they had a hint for your game it was a great moment.
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    I played a little of the original Space Quest on a friend's 286 in the early 90s, though I never got very far and everything being mostly in purple and blue was a little offputting to someone used to Sega and Nintendo. The first one I owned (and completed) was Discworld on the Saturn. Not exactly the best introduction for a newcomer, but I enjoyed it in spite of the insane difficulty level.
  • Kings quest was amazing at their time and was my first introduction to adventures , but one game which i really remember more than anyone ( even more than maniac mansion and dot , and ofc monkey island ) was zac mckracken and the and the alien mindbenders, i play this still every year or so and still think its great.

    telltale , please make some zak mckracken episodes :)
  • All the humongous entertainment games like Spy Fox, Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, and Putt-Putt.
    I didn't know about walkthroughs back then so I had to solve it with the help of my parents, it was fun. Walkthroughs are a double edged sward. They make the game easer, but they also take away some of the challenge which is part of the fun. Also at first I didn't know you could save so I was trying to play the whole game in one sitting. I found out about saving after the first game, but didn't find out about walkthroughs till years later. Also one of the many really great thing about those games was that every time you played the game some of the puzzles were different.
  • I think for me it was the Hugo text parser adventure games, i.e. "Hugo's House of Horrors," or the Amazon Jungle one.



    Man, looking up those screenshots really takes me back.
  • I was going to say that there was already a thread like this, but I was wrong; it wasn't asking what our first adventure games were but, rather, how old we were when we first started playing (although almost everybody mentioned what their first game was).

    (It was started by the lovely Emily, btw).

    Mine was Discworld for the PS1. I only got to try it out for a few minutes (the PS & TV set were set up on the shop counter, and the shop was particularly small), I wasn't allowed to play it with sound and I didn't really have enough time to figure out how to put up subtitles.
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