HELP!!!!!!!! Language Issue for walking Dead

While playing through Season one particular episode two (the level where you choose to walk to the farm through the woods with carley and the two farm guys to make a deal for food exchange for gasoline) is when the problem persist. Keep in my mind, I had no problem with the language for episode 1 until episode 2 happen, well to continue where i left off , i was walking with carley through the woods interacting with her with my character, all of the sudden the english choices went from English to french or german , now im forced to guess all game which im not going to do smh. Because i just purchased the 14.99 season deal with my card and all for what ? For me not getting my money worth ? Seriously telltale ? Please someone give me a solution , and im not going to reinstall the app because all my purchases and save gameplay will be loss , and im not going to buy it again , i rather file a complaint and get my money back from teltale if it comes to do that. My phone is an android samsung galaxy s6 edge plus. Any solutions anyone?


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