The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 1 ‘In Too Deep’ Launch Trailer

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The Walking Dead: Michonne’s premiere episode ‘In Too Deep’ arrives THIS WEEK! Don't miss the trailer, which gives a look at what’s in store for our blade-wielding zombie slayer.

Having recently left her previous group, Michonne joins Pete and his crew on their sailing ship The Companion, aiding in their search for fellow survivors and supplies. Responding to a distress call, they stumble upon a the scene of a horrifying massacre. The search for the culprit leads the group to a floating colony called Monroe, which may be harboring the person responsible for the carnage. Michonne must wrestle with dangerous factions as well as her inner demons in her fight for survival.

It’s going to be an intense look into the fractured psyche of one of The Walking Dead's most iconic characters. Be sure to check it out!

NOTE: We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this exciting new series, so here are a few points to clarify. The Walking Dead: Michonne Miniseries is a completely separate, stand-alone experience, and requires zero knowledge of The Walking Dead games or comics (we totally recommend checking the comics though - they're FANTASTIC). No previous save files are needed, and the story stands apart from Clem and Lee’s.

So whether you’re a long term fan of The Walking Dead or looking for a place to dive in with the series, Michonne’s story is a great place to dive in!


  • I WISH u guyz bring a twd spin off

  • mac version won't work? fixes?

  • So lemme get this straight... I have been FAITHFULLY buying all your games since TWD Sea 1 and now we have TWD: Michonne... You all have always offered a season pass option UP FRONT before purchasing the game via GameStop, PlayStation Store, etc. Now with this new addition, you guys didn't do ANY of those things, even though I have been asking on your Facebook page for weeks about this very issue!! I am very disappointed because I have ALL of your titles and this feels very underhanded and shady... I have now paid $14.99 for one episode and now I have to pay again for either the season pass or pay for each individual episode?!?!? That's wrong!! If you want to keep faithful customers, you need consistency!! This is very inconsistent on your part and it feels like you've decided to put your customers over a barrel to make more money!!! Have you ever thought about just making the title purchasable through season pass holders OR having customers just pay one FLAT RATE for all episodes in a series?!?!? It truly feels like you all are reaching for money and not caring about your customer's feelings!! You already got my money for episode one!! It's gonna take some serious consideration for me to purchase each new episode or the season pass... Im sorry telltale, I believe you may have lost a faithful customer... I truly feel swindled and honestly, violated because of your lack of respect of your customers...

  • you are is only 15$ for all three episodes..

    Jno2710 posted: »

    So lemme get this straight... I have been FAITHFULLY buying all your games since TWD Sea 1 and now we have TWD: Michonne... You al

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