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No gamepad support for pointer in ToMI

posted by OMA on - Viewed by 148 users
I've been playing ToMI with my Logitech wireless gamepad and I've found a problem: you can move Guybrush with the left analogue stick, but you can't move the pointer with the second analogue stick, nor with any other part of the gamepad. You can't even loop through the selectable objects with the D-Pad, like you could do in Wallace & Gromit. Why did you remove this feature?

So this forces me to play with a gamepad + a mouse, which is a bit cumbersome (IMO). Luckily, I could program the second analogue stick to behave as a mouse, by using XPadder ( and I also programmed a couple of trigger buttons to act as left mouse click. That way I've been able to play only with the gamepad, like it should be.

But I think this is something that should be natively implemented in the game (dual analogue stick support to control Guybrush with one analogue stick and the mouse pointer with the other stick). I hope you can find time to implement this at least for the final DVD or retail version.
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