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Stumped by it's Shortness / Review

posted by Crystent on - last edited - Viewed by 619 users
After realising Monkey Island had made a comeback- I instantly purchased it through Telltale, and was playing within 30mins.

Yet. I completed the first chapter in 1hr and 30mins, and I didn't use any Hint Sites/Threads, all on my own. So, 2hrs of Monkey Island (including installation). I remember spending tops 3hrs on Act 1 of Escape.

Now, if I look back at ANY other Monkey Islands, although the first acts/chapters were always much shorter than the ones that followed, I must say that this 'Launch of the Screaming Narwhal' is exceptionally short.

I don't think it's because the puzzles are 'too' easy, as some of them did require me to think, but even with bits like the easy 'Club 41' (which someone in another thread picked up on) and De Sange's (sorry if I've spelt it wrong, I didn't pay much attention to the spelling :() (I'm trying not to give away spoilers) to bulk it up, it still felt short.

The dialog also felt a bit dead for the majority of parts on Flotsam, however I thought the introduction with LeChuck was fantastic!!
I believe that the dialog in Monkey Island games (mostly when you just keep talking to them for witty remarks :p) always tends to extend it's play time, but on Flotsam it seemed short and repetitve.

However, I do think it was fun- and I love Telltale for remaking probabbly my favourite game of all time, but pleaaase;

Make further Chapters longer!

It seems to be a recurring thing with Telltale, as I've just completed my Free Sam & Max: Culture Shock within an hour. I wasn't impressed with that at all really (the game in it's entirity), but that's for another thread :)

Anyone else think this? :confused:
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  • Agreed to 100% Too easy and too short. Kinda liked the dialogue though.
  • I liked it as well, don't get me wrong. It's just, after a point- there's no point at all for returning to talk to anyone else, as it's already been said in the first encounter. If you get me?
  • It's only one episode and it's going to be different for everyone. Some people may take 5 hours on the first while some take only 2. Then the people who only spent 2 on the first may spend 5 on the 3rd. Each episode will have puzzles that stump particular people. You just haven't found a puzzle that has harmed your intellect episode or more will probably soon though.
  • I hope so, even if none of them do, a big four island back-and-forth puzzle stretch would do me just fine ;)
  • What i really, really REALLY hated about this episode is the jungle. It killed the game for me. Walking around aimlessly for puzzles isn't fun. It has the smell of filler all around. I was disapointed too with the game... However, now that you mention Sam and Max episode 1, i'd say don't judge it too quickly. In perspective, Culture shock was just a setup for great things. I recomend getting episode 4 for free on this very site to see what i mean. It utterly destroys the first episode.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. :D

    However, the jungle puzzle isn't aimless, you've just gotta figure out the secret :) and it 'slightly' reminded me of Ozzy Mandrils 'secret cove' from EfMI :D Which I loved!
  • Crystent;162824 said:

    Yet. I completed the first chapter in 1hr and 30mins, and I didn't use any Hint Sites/Threads, all on my own. So, 2hrs of Monkey Island (including installation). I remember spending tops 3hrs on Act 1 of Escape.
    Well you completed the episode really fast, most people here completed it in around 3 hours or more. Playtime of course depends also how much dialogue you listen etc. Episode 1 was kinda short but if you combine the 5 episodes it should give atleast 20 hours for most people. Monkey Island Se releases tomorrow so its kinda funny to see how long it takes to finish, I haven't played that after the initial release so I don't remember that much about the puzzles either (I think).

    Good games allways seem to short anyway. :)
  • I understand, but i still hate it. Now that you are mentioning one such thing in the original, i am not so sure i'll pick it up... these things bore me. If i want to explore these kinds of venues, i'd rather play Zelda:/
  • Pretty much any Sam and Max episode, from Season 1 Episode 4 onward, destroys the first 3. Although I really liked the story in The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball. (Disclaimer: I haven't played most of the second season yet, but I hear it's great)

    I certainly wouldn't recommend judging all of Sam and Max from any of the first 3 episodes.
  • Oh? I love the 2nd and 3rd episodes very much myself. Why all the hate?:)
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