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Possible Resolution to ToMI Crash (for me anyway!)

posted by britinamerica on - Viewed by 162 users
*** Warning *** - This might not work for everyone or anyone, but it seems to have for me, so I'm posting it in the hope it might help someone else like me.

Symptoms - The game would load the menu, and then crash a few seconds after that. Sometimes it wouldn't even get that far. The prefs.prop file made no difference whatsoever.

Potential Resolution - I believe my problem was with Comodo Firewall. When I installed the game, I don't remember it asking me if monkeyisland101.exe could have access to run/access internet etc. Maybe I ignored it by accident. After messing around with msconfig and stopping/starting all services trying to weed out the culprit, I decided to restart with UAC enabled. On launching the game one last time, Comodo popped up asking if monkeyisland101.exe was allowed to access my system. Once I had set any requests to "Trusted Application" the game now seems to run fine at any resolution.

If you run Comodo, you could manually add/check the exception, by double clicking the icon in the taskbar. Then:

1. Click on Defense+ (Top)
2. Click on Advanced (Left)
3. Click on Computer Security Policy (Middle)
4. Ensure that monkeyisland101.exe (Obviously use the full path to the exe, c:\program files...blah) is set as a "Trusted Application" (Click Add if it's not there).

Hope this helps get things running for a few people. I've only run the game for 5 minutes, but that is a 100% improvement over what I was able to before.

This might be the problem with other sorts of firewall (ZoneAlarm, Sunbelt Personal Firewall etc.), but I don't have instructions on how to setup those. It could be the starting point for some of you though. Good luck! :)
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