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just thinking aloud*SPOILERS*

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I just posted this on another site and thought i would share a thory here on telltale.

Im just thinking aloud here really most of what i type most probs wont happen tbh. Ok so by the looks of things and from the stuff the voodo lady tells us Le Chucks evil was transfered into Guybrush's hand ,right?.
So maybe he has turned good now. Myabe what we saw with the flower given to Elaine wasnt a romantic gesture but him saying sorry. The voodo lady(when you look at the cards in her shack) tells you that your going on a long journey ect and Guybrush is like yeah yeah i hear that all the time to kinda make you think its a joke, but how many times has the voodo lady been wrong? she also mentions that Guybrush will make a new friend...ermm ok a bit random seeing that he always makes Some kind of friend on his adventures (ok crazyness here) but what if he becomes friends with Le Chuck!?

Sure were all thinking ' what the hell are you drunk Balin2k?! Guybrush and Elaine would never trust Le Chuck!' but maybe somehow he proves that he is no longer evil. He could be the friend the voodo lady mentioned. and he helps guybrush get rid of the pox? im guessing at the end he will more then likely turn back somehow but you cant tell me it wouldnt make for good story telling. There must be some kind of other villan apart from La Singe he is pretty weak and frail tbh and has no power whats so ever (adleast Ozzy had money and money = power) all that La Singe has is his french accent. Im guessing he is ment to be the wannabe villan but is too weak to become one. But then again in COMI you hear from the ghost bride that Le Chuck was going to marry her for the ring to sell. So yeah gimme your feed back on that crazy idea?
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  • My own take:

    I suspect the new friend is Van Winslow.

    The great loss...if I'm right...will be Elaine...(at least, for this season!)

    Also, I wouldn't count out De Singe. I think he's going to become a much more deadly character than some people are counting on.

  • the great loss will be the loss of power Guybrush will gain from the pox, or his hand. :D
  • sladerlmc77;163281 said:
    My own take:

    I suspect the new friend is Van Winslow.
    I thought that too but wasn't he too obvious?
    I think it will be the women threatening Guybrush.

    Great loss could be Elaine making a suitable plot for season 2, trying to bring her back. But the loss could be in a romantic sense. They could break up.

    Personally I would like to see a massive voodoo explosion where Guybrush ends up on Meele island with one goal. He wants to be a pirate.
    Then it could go into SOMI. If J.J.Abrams made Monkey Island.
  • I'm pretty sure we'll see more of De Singe as well, but i don't expect him to be the main vilain. Sure, the character has potential, but i dunno, i think he lacks something for this role... I'll see more teaming up with LeChuck or whoever the "real" bad guy turns out to be.
    And LeChuck and Guybrush working together... I dunno. The idea feels kinda "wrong" right now, but if handled well, why not... I prefer the theory of a kind of role reversal thingie, with Guybrush taking on LeChuck's personality and vice versa.

    And in the end, the monkey tells you he's your father :eek:
  • A new friend? Maybe Guybrush and LeChuck join forces aganst some Big Bad Voodoo Pox Mojo Smoke Monster that's kidnapped Elaine. But of course in the end of the game LeChuck becomes evil again and things are back to normal.
  • Are capital letters and paragraph breaks banned where you originally posted? :)
  • Toothless Gibbon;163466 said:
    Are capital letters and paragraph breaks banned where you originally posted? :)
    I was just about to post the same thing... :D

    I gave up after the second line because I couldn't focus on it longer than a few seconds before everything turned blurry and pear-shaped... :eek:

    np: Fluke - Love Letters (Six Wheels On My Wagon)
  • fair doo's . no need to be a douchebag about it
  • balin2k;164885 said:
    fair doo's . no need to be a douchebag about it
    Sorry mate, no offense intended!
  • How about the loss of his life. "Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood" anybody? Kinda like CoMI's "YOU WILL DIE"
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