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J. Geils Band - Monkey Island

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On a whim, I searched the iTunes store for Monkey Island (on the off-chance that LucasArts had put up an iPhone version of the SE), and while there were no relevant app results, I was surprised to see an album titled "Monkey Island." I realize that it's not a phrase unique to the game series (there are probably dozens of real-world islands with that name), it was a funny surprised to see a 1977 album by the J Geils Band (creators of such classics as "Freeze Frame" and "Centerfold") with that title.

The title track, "Monkey Island," is actually 9 minutes long, but you can listen to a snippet of it here:

It's a pretty swanky piano groove, if I do say so myself. In fact, I think if Telltale or LucasArts wanted to license it for use in a future game, it wouldn't feel at all out of place. It'd make a great end-credits song, certainly. :cool:
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