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Collector's disc -- any chance at all?

posted by Nosehair on - last edited - Viewed by 144 users
For those of us who were late ordering Tales, is there any chance of getting that collector's disc? Or should I be looking on E-bay?
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  • If you have purchased the whole season for PC, you are entitled to the DVD at the end of the season. What you don't get is the exclusive Steve Purcell cover (which was for pre-orderers). Instead there will be an alternate cover for the DVD. Pre-orderers will get both covers, but the disc contents will (presumably) be the same.
  • What he said.

    But if you really want the cover art, you can be sure there is going to be a lot of these on Ebay. These collector stuff doesn't mean something to everyone.
  • Oh, all right. I'm sure the Purcell art is very nice, but as long as I get the DVD's I'm happy.
  • But only if you purchased here. Buy it on Steam and you will not get the DVD
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