New Sam and Max voice actors?

Sorry if the title is clickbait but while I was playing The Wolf Among Us free on Xbox live (as of April 1st -16th I think) and while I was playing I thought of when Sam said he tried out for Bigby but failed and that made me think " Would David Nowlin and William Kasten want to reprise their roles?" Okay, my question isIf William Kasten and David Nowlin didn't return who would you want to play the intrepid Freelance Police?


  • I think if anything, the animated series voice actors were fantastic, and they themselves have said they'd love to come back to those characters.

    The original game guys would be good, too.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    edited April 2016

    William Kasten actually didn't reprise his role in 2013 when they made Poker Night 2. He was replaced by Dave Boat (who did a great job as Max). So, I'm fine with Dave Boat again.

    David Nowlen did reprise his role as Sam though, so it's likely that when a new Sam & Max game comes out by Telltale he'll still be voicing Sam. If he didn't come back, I'm not exactly sure who could voice him (although I know of at least one person who would be extremely happy if Bill Farmer came back again to voice Sam - and Bill Farmer did say that he's open to it :D).

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