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Interactive GoT Story: Nymeria's War

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This interactive fanfiction takes place in Dorne, ~700 years before Aegon's Conquest.

Dorne is divided to several petty kingdoms, and for hundreds of years these kingdoms have been fighting over hold of every small riverbank, road and valley in Dorne. Now the Rhoynar princess Nymeria has arrived to Dorne and made an alliance with the small but welcoming House Martell, and married Lord Mors Martell. As the Sun and the Spear plan to unite the Dorne, series of wars will follow.

Kings of Dorne:

enter image description here Yorick Yronwood aka the Bloodroyal. He is the richest and the most powerful of the Dornish kings, and this is something he is proud of. He has plans for expanding his kingdom, and he is ready to spill blood. The news of the alliance between Martells and Nymeria do not trouble him one bit. His seat is at Yronwood. "We Guard the Way"

enter image description here Vorian Dayne aka the Sword of the Evening. Vorian is known as the greatest knight in Dorne. He is a great commander and he is proud of his kingdom, but he seeks no conquering. Vorian is also the dream of many ladies all over Dorne. His seat is at Starfall. "Dawn Brings the Light"

enter image description here Garrison Fowler aka the Blind King. Garrison is an old and cunning man with small kingdom. He has lost his sight but is still feared. His seat is at Skyreach. "Let Me Soar"

enter image description here Lucifer Dryland, the King of Brimstone. He is the second strongest of the kings of Dorne. His hold over Brimstone is strong, but he will be soon on his fifties and he still has no heir. The news of the alliance between Martells and the Rhoynar has made him nervous. His seat is at Hellgate Hall (close to Hellholt). "Children of the Sun"

enter image description here Albin Manwoody. Albin is a man touched by madness. He has a thirst for blood and even if he is one of the weaker kings of Dorne, he has ambitions on ruling all of the Red Mountains. His seat is at Kingsgrave. "No King Above Me"

enter image description here Benedict Blackmont. Benedict is a feared man who is rumored to be mixed up with dark magic. It is said that he worships a dark god which gives him magical powers. He is rarely seen even by his family. Only few of his trusted men know what he truly does on his dark chambers. His seat is at Blackmont. "We Conquer the Heavens"

enter image description here Donovar Toland, the King of Ghost Hills. Crowned himself after starting a war with the Martells. "Brave and Vigilant"


enter image description here


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Nymeria's War is a story that goes on for years, so I will be doing this story in several books, each of them concentrating on certain phase of the war. Each book will have three chapters, with changing amount of parts. Oh and prologues and epilogues which are always one part.

Nymeria's War

Book 1: The Sun and the Spear - ongoing - Read here!

enter image description here

Prologue: The Flames of Past - finished

Chapter 1: The Sparks of War - finished

Chapter 2: Kings and Snakes - finished

Chapter 3: Children of the Sun - ongoing

Epilogue: The Mother's Smile - coming later


Book 2: The Falling Star - coming later

enter image description here

Prologue: TBA - coming later

Chapter 1: The Red Sands and the White - coming later

Chapter 2: Broken Crown - coming later

Chapter 3: The Dusk - coming later

Epilogue: TBA - coming later


Book 3: The Hour of Blood - coming later

enter image description here

Prologue: TBA - coming later

Chapter 1: No King Above Me - coming later

Chapter 2: Birds of Prey - coming later

Chapter 3: The Boneway - coming later

Epilogue: TBA - coming later


Book 4: The Last King - coming later

enter image description here

Prologue: TBA - coming later

Chapter 1: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - coming later

Chapter 2: A Crown of Blood - coming later

Chapter 3: Burning Bright - coming later

Epilogue: TBA - coming later


Histories & Lore: Read here!


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PoVs are in bold.

In Sandship: Maester Olivar, Jaran Martell, Sanyra, Eraehra Galnaris, Jaelor, Grezhan, Maemar, Ser Landar the Brave, Farrah of Ghoyan Drohe, Lord Ormond Bloodspill

In the Martell's lands: -

In Redclif: Orwen Bloodspill, Septon Jullon, Maester Edric

In Olivegrove: Kaila, Jasmyn, Jaremy, Haryn, Alrah

In the Ghost Hill: Ser Garibald of Sevengrace, Tomas Toland, Forovos Norvoshi, Lord Levor Toland, Ser Manfrey Rowman, Mateo Toland, Maester Galladon

By the Greenblood: Nealia Sand, Tryden Flowers, Manda Za, Lien Yu, Ying Yu, Broden, Jacke, The White Elephant, Jinora Ling, Sarina Tyrosos, Gauron Aerarys, Edric Thorne

In Lemonwood: Adian Dalt, Hors, Jabar, Ser Byrron Granit, Verro, Nesila, Lord Efran, Cullen, Axel, Zaltha Qo, Maxar, Elise, Zhobho, Derek Dalt, Alana Dalt

In Desertstone: Lord Byrant Granit

On the Eastern Coast: Bjorn Harlaw, Dianna, Lysera, Hargan Harlaw, Maron, Qhored Three-Finger, Roryn Drumm, Hilsgurd Drumm

In Godsgrace: Emmett Allyrion, Esperence Allyrion, Edric, Lia, Devin, Maester Fabian, Lowell, Lotho, Gavin, Princess Nymeria Martell, Prince Mors Martell, Varyn of Chroyane, Cason Bloodspill, Ser Martyn Santagar, Ser Albar Ladybright, Ser Benjamin Told, Ibraim D'un, Nasim D'un, Ser Arnol of Greenblood, Jadisha of Ny Sar, Nesea, Ser Boran Sargen, Anaba of Volon Therys, Edd Prally

In Vaith: Prince Jamison Dayne, Ser Laroy Ladybright, Ser Aron of Southpoint, Aidin Dayne, Darnis of Southpoint, Arthur Wythmail, Valerie Sand, Dalia Dryland, Mizro the Sharp, Desirea, Khazor the Sarnori, Red Maggot, Marduk, Iznein Ironheart, Haridos Fyllah, Yohn Redfort, Zara, Jaqyllo, Belan the Brave, Ser Howar Uller, Lord Kris Vaith, Mother Minesa, Henry, Hangman, Myra Xho Vaith, Nickon Vaith, Ser Martin, Wylie, King Lucifer Dryland, Lord Jorvian Gargalen, Harbert Uller

In Salt Shore: Valor Veltaris, Olyvar Forrester, Maran, Firanisa, Haronos, Tregor Vhassin, Gabby Gargalen, Eli Sand, Bridget Gargalen, Jeremie Gargalen, Lady Delena Gargalen

In Central Dorne: -

In Hellgate Hall: Ser Blackheart, Lewyn Tiddle, Lord Harrion Uller, Lord Bedwyck Tiddle

In Tidmarsh: Milah, Ulwyck Tiddle

In Hellholt: -

In Brimstone Well: -

By the Brimstone: -

In Sandstone: Lord Allar Qorgyle, Septon Anthor, Korb Fyste

In the Tor: Lady Ynys Jordayne, Artos Jordayne, Myranda Jordayne, Marissa Jordayne, Lady Vita Allyrion, Ser Niclas Wyne

In Yronwood: Ortheg Sand, Mallon, Maester Symon, Tanya Yronwood, King Yorick Yronwood, Queen Wenda Yronwood, Trevyr Yronwood, Jaena Yronwood, Olyvar Yronwood, Addam Yronwood, Artos Sand, Ser Theodore Wells, Quentyn Jordayne, Lady Genna Marcant, Willem Pyke, Salladhor Longwaters, Oracle Cyrenna, Septon Mallor, Septa Frynne, Septon Bors, Septon Ryon, Septa Sarella, Septon Harmen, Septa Loreza

In the Kingdom of Yronwood: Princess Gwendis Blackmont, Aisha, Trentan, Ser Mordekhai Crusher, Lord Terren Jordayne, Yoren Jordayne, Emerson Allyrion

In Blackmont: King Benedict Blackmont, Maester Mortin, Noctis, Braddock Blackmont, Ser Thomos the Thunder, Tanya, Lysa, Walter Oakley, Quinn Oakley, Autumn Oakley, Ser Myle

In the Kingdom of Blackmont: Waylan Trot, Prince Naemon Blackmont, Lord Alester Upton, Davos Dayne, Prince Malcolm Dayne

In Gravesend: Brennin Kell, Tim

On the Wide Way: -

In Skyreach: King Garrison Fowler, Princess Isabella Fowler, Cassana Blackpool, Princess Dana Fowler, Prince Matthos Fowler, Maester Gannon, Ser Russal, Prince Desmor Fowler, Ser Dustran Drinkwater, Ser Soren Ashford

In the Kingdom of Stone and Sky: -

In Sword's Edge: Ser Orwen Wythmail, Lady Catelyn Upton, Lady Alerah Upton, Stanler Upton

In Kingdom of Torrentine: -

In Starfall: King Vorian Dayne, Queen Arenna Dayne, Garret Dayne, Madilyn Dayne, Taenera Dayne, Maester Norbert

In Southpoint: Lord Timeon of Southpoint

In Kingsgrave: King Albin Manwoody, Sanya Purell, Prince Brodin Manwoody, Prince Jullon Manwoody, Alaric Manwoody, Kortney Caron, Larry the Kind, Zereth, Auster, Tregeo the Harpist, Prince Arvin Manwoody, Lord Mors Littlemill, Lord Gregor Purell, Ser Kegan Drinkwater, Prestan Caron, Ser Myke of the Marches, Ser Joran Storm, Raina Serviene, Ser Steffon Toyne, Lord Raymun Oakswood, Lord Stevron Blackadder, Ser Jon Blackpool

In Nightsong: Lord Trevas Caron, Ronard Caron

Deceased or unknown: Ser Rud the Short, Matt the Mute, Ronny, The Purple Ocelot, Brack, Tylan Sager, King Donovar Toland, Shana Sand, Septon Kevan, Ser Yandry of Olivegrove, Javor, Gerrar, Horidos, Malanos Vynos, Lyla Sand, Illor, Arfast Stonetree, Darin Dalt, Vyran the Lion, Danwell Dalt, Argim Taler, Corren, Queen Sofina Manwoody, Tom the Animal, Prince Ferris Fowler, Ser Dallin Dalt, Obara Fowler

Characters waiting to be introduced: Gwyneth Tiddle, Darinna Drinkwater, Tansy Drinkwater, Ser Jared Drinkwater, Reiwyn Drinkwater, Elyra Drinkwater, Maron Drinkwater, Waldemar Drinkwater, Lewyn Drinkwater, Gwendolyn Drinkwater, Garrison Drinkwater, Barris Vass, Reina Vass, Jayse Vass, Laina Vass, Celifede Magabaz, Bastet-Mumu di-Randagio, Daryn Santagar, Luko the Jestering Jackal, Ashara Nightfall, Wallace Wyl, Femi, Alicia Anturion, Paul Sigird, Gerris Dayne, Evilin Dayne, Terrence Dayne, Maester Orvyn, Warryn Wyl, Sylva Wyl, Wilbert Wyl, Wynton Wyl, Bethany Sand, Myraalduin, Zedd Zhul, Lucas Corbray, Clarysse the Siren, Emilee Hill, Dantor Stillhart, Lena Wells, Ser Jared Lonmouth, Ayron, Olyvar Wells, Mina Wells, Leo Wells, Andar Wells, Ser Willam Manderly, Ellaria Qorgyle, Jeyne Qorgyle, Teora Qorgyle, Volke, Jason Vermister, Fenn


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  • Prologue: The Flames of Past


    The sea was on fire. Hundreds of ships burned. By my command. The flames lit the coast for fifty leagues, and the people on the beach could feel the heat. Some were smiling, others were crying. Yet this is no war, nor is this funeral – this is a celebration.

    Nymeria still remembered the day she had made the decision. The mighty Prince Garin with his great army had fallen against the Valyrians, and now the threat of fire and blood was coming to Princess Nymeria and her people. She made the hardest decision of her life, leaving Ny Sar behind, gathering all the ships she could muster and left Rhoyne behind. When their journey began they had thousands of ships, carrying thousands of women and children. Most of the men had fallen in Garin’s war. But by time many of the ships sank and some abandoned their Princess. Their hard journey led first to Basilisk Isles, where they found no hospitality, rather swords and slavers. And again Nymeria had to take her fleet to the sea. They tried to settle to Sothoryos but the deceases drove them away, same happened in the otherwise beautiful and peaceful Island of Naath, and even from the Summer Isles they found no home to live in. Many desperate years they had traveled, and they had found no home. Many abandoned their princess now, trying to return home – to Rhoyne. Only to be welcomed by the wrath of dragons.

    As the ships that were left had arrived to the coast of Dorne, Nymeria was prepared to be disappointed yet again. But for her luck she had landed close to Sandship – the fort of Lord Mors Martell. Mors had welcomed Nymeria and her people to his lands, while other Dornish lords saw them as unwelcome invaders.

    Almost a year had passed now. Nymeria had married Mors Martell, and many of her people had also taken Dornish husbands. It’s time to burn the past away, we are home now. Nymeria turned her look to Mors who was standing next to her. The look on the Lord’s face was calm and warm.

    “I saw some of your people cry.” Mors said gently. “Perhaps they are still longing for the sea.” Nymeria nodded. She knew there were still people who missed the Rhoyne, even if it was now swallowed by the dragonlords. Even Nymeria herself often thought back to the magnificent palace of Ny Sar, the beautiful home of her childhood. Sandship was perhaps just a small and rugged fort, but it was her home now.

    “Our wonderings are at an end.” Nymeria said quietly, almost whispering as the ships burned in the sea in front of her. “We have found a new home… and here we shall live and die.”

    “We are strong together, my Princess.” Mors said with a smile on his face as he grabbed Nymeria’s hand. Mors was a wise and gentle man, someone who could make Nymeria feel confident. She was happy, finally she could turn her gaze to the future and forget the past. For minutes they stared quietly at the ships turning to ash. Then Nymeria turned to Lord Martell.

    “You are right, we are strong. And together we shall conquer.” She said these words with intense tone, and saw how Mors’ eyes changed – they were filled with passion and excitement. “You shall be the Prince of Dorne, and we will rule the red sands and the white, and all the lands and rivers from the mountains to the great salt sea.” And so in the hot night lit by the flaming ships of Nymeria, Lord Mors Martell was history and Prince Mors Martell was born.

    End of Prologue

    • The hype train has set off and I'm on! :D I was waiting for so long for any Dorne fanfiction, and well, here it comes. Your writing style looks very nice, so I definitely will follow the story - looks promising from the beggining. I have already sent a character, but I'm not sure if it's gonna be good. Well, I hope so - and I hope this fanfiction will get some readers - seems like it will be worth it.

    • I like where this is heading so far. Particularly I'm looking forward to getting to know these "Kings" of Dorne. I'm not entirely familiar with Dorne in Westeros but I figured with this story I can adjust to their history and get to see what lies in the southernmost part of Westeros. I can't wait to see what choices we will be able to make. ;)

  • This should be really interesting story, little game of thrones in Dorne, that sounds really exciting! Although it has historicaly set ending, I'm sure it will be interesting and I hope you won't follow everything that happened in the books. :)

    I have already submitted a character, and more to follow for sure although I'll actually need some sleep because I postponed it already enough for the first character :P

    • Yeah, well, there are certain things that are mentioned in the history about this war, but I'm ready to alter those details. Mostly though I'm pretty free anyway because all the info I have found of Nymeria's War kinda glosses over what actually happened in the war and just tells the outcome. I will stay more or less loyal to the outcome though - but that's far in the future.

      And thanks for the character! I already have an idea of where I'll put him. Would you be fine with it if I made him a leader of a small sellsword company? Like 20-50 men. You could choose the name for the company yourself if you wish :D

  • I am glad that I have stumbled upon this story from the beginning, I do not know too much about the history of Westeros this far back particularly on in Dorne but I am curious to see where this dornish game of thrones goes. Of course I know how it ends but it'll be a fun ride nonetheless! I just created a character hopefully it has turned out alright but if you need me to make any changes I will be more than happy to do so!

    • I got your character and he is great, no need for any changes. If you are interested then be my guest and also make the firstborn son of Vorian :D But if you do decide to make him, then make him max 20 yrs old because I've planned Vorian himself to be 36.

      • Thank You! Haha honestly I wanted to make him too but did not want to be greedy but if you say so! I have a rough idea for him already and I'll have him made up soon!

  • Chapter 1: The Sparks of War


    Wind made the dust whirl above the main street of the town of Hellholt. The day was severely hot and Nealia Sand was sweating under her leather armor. Two days ago she had arrived to Hellholt trying to find a new job. Instead of finding anything, she had been found. Nealia had been enjoying her wine at the tavern when a young man had come to his table. At first Nealia was sure it was just another fucker trying to charm her to bed, but this man had something much more interesting to say – he was offering a job. The man told her that he knew her by reputation and that his boss would like to meet her. ‘The bastard daughter of King Vorian is certainly someone worth hiring’, the man had said. Nealia was somewhat surprised that she had already made such a reputation, and that the man even recognized her, but at the same time it was most certainly a good thing.

    Nealia now turned from the main street to a narrow alley with timber buildings on both sides. Nealia could tell that half of these buildings were whorehouses, and only gods knew what was happening on the rest of them. The dark alley wasn’t particularly crowded, but Nealia saw couple of prostitutes here and there, and also men she could only expect to be sellswords. Nealia’s hand found itself to the hilt of one of her swords. She could see some of the men she passed staring at her. Some of the stares were full of lust, others intrigue or disapproval. Most of the men didn’t even pay attention to her, which she was thankful of - she wasn’t afraid, but she just had no need for any trouble right now.

    Finally she arrived to a building that had a red signboard with a scorpion engraved to it hanging above the door. This is the place. Next to the door was a thuggish, olive skinned man leaning on the wall, narrowing his eyes as he looked at Nealia.

    “Are you the Dayne bastard?” The man asked with blunt tone. Nealia was tempted to respond with a spit on the man’s face, but she forced herself to calm down. “I am Nealia Sand.” She said with sharp words. “And I’m guessing your boss is waiting for me. So, how about you let me in, like a good little soldier?” For a second the man was unsure how to react, but then he swallowed his irritation and opened the door. With a smirk on her face Nealia gave a mocking curtsey for the man as she walked in.

    As Nealia stepped into the building her smirk died out immediately. If the narrow alley had been shadowy, this place was completely dark, except for a few corners lit by candles. As Nealia’s eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, she heard a step from very close. In an instance she had unsheathed both of her swords and pointed them at the figure couple steps away from her.

    “Seven hells!” A deep and alarmed voice shouted and Nealia lowered her weapons slightly. She started to see the man more and more clearly. He was a bald man with great black beard, probably at least on his forties. “You the Dayne bastard?” He asked with doubtful words.

    “Yes, I am the fucking Dayne bastard!” Nealia snapped, making the bald man raise his eyebrows. “Now take me to your boss! Or are you the boss?” A small smile appeared on the man’s face now. “Straight to the business, huh?” He said, grinning like an idiot. As Nealia only gave him a cold glare for an answer, he continued. “No, I’m not the boss. Just follow me, lady bastard.” Nealia rolled her eyes as he heard the bald man chuckling to his own words.

    They walked through the dark and unfurnished hallway, until they arrived to a stairway that led to the second floor. “Careful with the steps, your highness.” The bald man quipped as he led the way up. Nealia remained silent, if only because the silly remarks of this old man didn’t even manage to annoy her. Upstairs was the first window Nealia had seen on this building. It was a ridiculously small window at the end of the corridor, and hardly brought in any light. There were doors to three rooms on the corridor, and the bald man led them to the last one, closest to the window. The man knocked on the door, and for a couple of seconds there was no answer.

    “What is it?” Was asked by a calm voice behind the door. Nealia took a deep breath. I’m ready.

    “It’s that Dayne girl.” The bald man answered with a submissive tone. A couple seconds of silence followed. “Come in.” Said the man in the room, and the bald man opened the door.

    As Nealia stepped in she was almost blinded by the light. There was a large window bringing in all the light of the sun. This room was also finely furnished. A detailed carpet was on the floor, there were two comfortable armchairs around a small and elegant wooden table, which had a candle, two cups, and a jug of wine on it. By one of the walls was a chest with several books laying on top of it.

    A casually clothed man was sitting on the other one of the armchairs, a battle axe and a round shield were leaning on the wall behind him. Nealia could see that the man was clearly strong. His dark brown hair was combed back and showing its first signs of greying, and his face also had its first marks of aging. Despite that the look on his dark eyes was sharp and powerful.

    “Thank you, Broden.” The man’s voice was smooth as silk, and the way he looked at Nealia made her feel uneasy. Broden gave a bow to his boss and backed out from the room, closing the door behind him. A smile was formed on the man’s face, but his eyes were still cold and calculating.

    “I’ve waited for you, Nealia Sand.” The man said, making a gesture for Nealia to take a seat. She took a couple steps closer, but didn’t sit down yet. “So why don’t you tell me who you are?” Nealia asked with a tense tone on her voice.

    “Ah, where are my manners – I am Tryden Flowers.” Hearing this name surprised Nealia, which Tryden clearly noticed. “I assume you have heard of me then?”

    “I’ve heard that you are a terrible asshole, a typical Reachman bastard.” Nealia spoke with thorny words, but she couldn’t help but be slightly nervous – this man had a reputation. Tryden Flowers let out a dry and joyless laugh. “And I see you are a typical Dornish bitch, arrogant and overconfident.” He spoke calmly, but there was a danger looming in his every word. Normally Nealia wouldn’t have given up so easily, but she decided it was better not to agitate this man.

    “Why have you invited me here?” She asked with toneless words, and now the small smirk returned to Tryden’s face. “I am interested in you, bastard of Starfall.” He replied calmly. “It was couple months ago that I first heard of you.” He revealed.

    “But… I was still at Kingsgrave then.” Nealia said with unsure words, and Tryden nodded. “Exactly. See, my company was not far from Kingsgrave then, and couple of my men were visiting the court of King Albin. They told me a story about a sellsword girl working for the King. And in that story the girl was the only one brave enough to call out King Albin for his madness and stupidity when he declared his claim to rule all of the Red Mountains.” The look Tryden gave Nealia now was almost admiring. Nealia took a step closer again, finally taking a seat. Tryden Flowers continued speaking with a wolfish grin on his face. “Impressive, I thought, but knowing myself the madness of Albin I was sure the story would end on the head of this girl rolling on the floor, separated from her body. But to my surprise, my men said ‘No, this girl is the bastard daughter of Vorian Dayne, King Albin would never have the balls to take her head’. But you were still banished, am I right?” Nealia gulped, it was uncomfortable how much this man knew. And how little I know of him.

    “Yes, I was banished.” Nealia said, looking at Tryden with unsure eyes. “My company’s travel continued here to Kingdom of Brimstone, due to some rumors I had heard.” Tryden continued. “And as I heard that you had been spotted in town, I took it as a sign.”

    “So you want to hire me?” Nealia asked strictly. “How much do you pay?” This brought a wide grin to Tryden’s face. “A true sellsword, aye?” The man said and took a deep breath. “The payment depends on the customer, but I’m ready to give you a good share – better than the average soldiers get.”

    “And how many men does your company have?” Nealia asked. She knew that the company couldn’t be very big, and on the rumors she had heard of this man he was always leading a small group of killers. “At the moment, thirty-six men and three women.” Tryden said calmly, and Nealia turned her gaze to the table. “And what kind of customers are you working for?” She asked quietly.

    “In a couple of days I’ll be bargaining a contract with the King of Brimstone.” He replied, the greed for gold and lust for violence oozing from his words. The mention of the King made Nealia raise her eyes back to Tryden. “There is a war coming.” He said. “Mors Martell and his Rhoynar bitch have declared themselves as the Prince and Princess of Dorne, but King Lucifer is less than delighted with the idea.”

    “A war between Drylands and Martells?” Nealia said, genuinely surprised. “It’s possible.” Tryden replied. “And if it happens, I shall be there to take the gold of the King and spill the blood of the enemy.” The gaze in Tryden’s eyes was one of a coldblooded killer. “So, bastard of Starfall, are you interested?”. Nealia had been looking for a job, but now she was unsure. She knew that Martells were a smaller house than Drylands, but she had also heard that many of the Rhoynar - even if they were mostly women - were warriors. In the end she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be part of this war at all. My father did promise I'd always be welcome to Starfall.

    [Take the job] [Travel to Sandship] [Travel to Starfall]

    • [Take the job] Hey she's got to make a living some way. I'm quite fascinated with the direction this is heading in already. I can see Tryden as a bloodthirsty scoundrel. I don't trust scoundrels with a battle axe and a fancy office! However, I would like to see where this mission will lead Nealia whether she's being lead into a war or something bigger.

    • [Take the job]

      Personally, I am more in favour of the Martell's, so I almost chose to travel to Sandship. At the same time, I am interested in Starfall, so that would have also been an option I'm okay with. However, this looks like a nice option as well. Tryden is an interesting character and I would like to see more of him, so I just swing with the rest here. I'm happy with either outcome. Anyways, great part! Nealia seems interesting, it's going to be nice seeing more of her :)

    • [Take the job]

      I'm going to agree with Liquid here, I would like to see all three of these options, though I'd like to see more of this Tryden fellow. I guess we already have Nymeria in Sandship, and I suppose we will see more of King Vorian soon enough

    • [Travel to Sandship]

    • [Take the job] This vote is pretty much decided, but I'd go for taking this job as others. Not sure it's the best choice for Nealia, but it is very good story-wise and brings a lot of potential to developing this character. Sandship might be nice choice too, but I'm unsure what would she be doing there. I'm interested in Starfall too, but I think it's only a matter of time when she will get there (I may be wrong here). Anyway - that's nice beggining of the story, keep it up!

  • [Take the job] I definitely have to agree with the others on this one. The prospect of Nealia working for this small but from the looks of it very dangerous sellsword is too good to pass up! I am sure Nealia will get to interact with her family soon enough and the Martells and Sandship will most likely have a huge role in the rest of the story to come!

  • Voting is closed!

    By a clear margin, Nealia will decide to take the job. For pragmatic reasons I'm glad this choice won, as it gives a PoV to the Dryland side of things. Also, this choice gives much more screentime for Tryden Flowers, which is definitely a good thing since I enjoy writing him very much.

    As for the next part, it is possible that I manage to finish it today, but it could also go for tomorrow. And what to expect? Well, we will get our first glimpse at the court of King Benedict Blackmont.

    PS. Thanks for all the character submissions, they have all been great characters! Feel free to submit more of them if you have time and inspiration :)

  • Gwendis

    Gwendis Blackmont slowly opened her eyes. She felt the comfortable bed under her, and she yawned. She could see that it was already past dawn, but since her chamber was on the west side of the tower, the sun couldn’t really be seen from the windows. She sat up and saw that the handmaidens had left a breakfast with fruits and bread to her table. Gwendis scrambled up from her bed lazily, and walked naked through the room to take a blood orange from the salver. She took a bite from the fruit, stroking back her long and dark brown hair that was messy from the sleeping.

    Gwendis opened the doors to her balcony, and a magnificent sight to the valley beneath the Castle Blackmont opened below her. The Princess took a deep breath of the fresh air. From up here everything looks so beautiful. Suddenly the door was knocked. Gwendis backed out from the balcony and grabbed her yellow dressing gown from the chair next to her bed.

    “Who is it?” Gwendis yelled with friendly tone, pulling on the dressing gown. “It’s me!” Gwendis heard her brother’s voice answering, and she walked to the door. As she opened the door she saw Naemon Blackmont standing there with a warm and lovable smile on his face, and his gear made it clear he was planning on leaving soon. Naemon was a handsome young man, his beautiful face, purple eyes and dark hair was certain to attract women. “So, can I come in?” He asked, raising his eyebrows, and Gwendis answered with a nod.

    “Yeah, come in.” She spoke with slightly tired words and walked back to her breakfast, this time sitting down. “I see you are planning on leaving somewhere.” She remarked as Naemon sat down next to her and grabbed a piece of bread.

    “Aye.” He replied, mouth full of bread. “I leave with Ser Myle and Josian Wells. We ride down to the valley and cross the river. There are good hunting grounds on those hills.” Gwendis smiled but she also had to let out a small sigh. Naemon was at the age of eighteen, a year younger than his sister, but he still showed no interest in politics. Gwendis was the one to sit on the small council and organize the kingdom while his father, the King, was lurking on his dark chambers with sorcerers and priests, and his brother, the heir, ran around hunting and having fun with his friends. “You must remember that you’ll one day have to wear the crown…” Gwendis started but was immediately cut off by her brother. “How many times have I told you – you deserve that crown, not me.” He said with disinterested tone, and Gwendis closed her eyes for a moment. Yes, I want the crown, but…

    “It doesn’t matter who deserves what, Naemon.” Gwendis said, trying to look her brother to the eyes, but Naemon avoided the eye contact. “Anyway.” He said dismissively. “Maester Mortin sent me, he said something about several urgent news, and there will be a council meeting later today.” Gwendis nodded subtly, and a moment of silence followed. “When will you come back?” She asked with quiet and tender voice.

    “In a couple of days.” Naemon replied, and a smile had appeared on his face again. “Don’t worry about me sister, I’ll be just fine.” Gwendis put on her smile, but inside she felt a little worried every time Naemon left. He is the only true friend I have.

    Naemon stood up, twiddling a blood orange on his hand. “I don’t know what Maester Mortin’s news are, but I heard that cousin Jamison has returned to Starfall.” He said with a smirk on his face and Gwendis chuckled. “I remember how you two were constantly at each other’s throats as kids.” She said, remembering their short but sweet time spent at the Starfall years ago. There were happy memories from that time, but they were always shadowed by the painful memory of receiving the news of their mother’s death, and having the grim travel back to home for a funeral.

    “I can’t wait until I get a chance to joust against him.” Naemon said, waking Gwendis from her thoughts. “He has made himself some name on his travels at Reach and Stormlands.”

    “Oh, I’m sure he can’t beat the mighty Vulture Knight.” Gwendis said tauntingly, which stirred her brother to making faces at her. They had a laugh together, and Gwendis hoped she could always be this happy. Finally Naemon walked back to the door, with a smile on his face.

    “See you soon, sis!” He said as he opened the door. “Tell my handmaidens to come here!” Was the last thing Gwendis yelled before the door was closed.


    With a silky dress in the colors of her house – yellow and black – and her long hair beautifully braided, Princess Gwendis walked the stairs and corridors of Castle Blackmont with determination on her steps. She walked past guards, knights, squires, handmaidens and servants, and they all bowed to her. And she smiled to them. Gwendis felt love for everyone on this castle. Almost everyone.

    As Gwendis turned to the corridor that had the door to the council chamber, she saw a pale woman walking towards her. It was Aisha, one of the magicians from King Benedict’s inner circle. Gwendis had to admit that Aisha was beautiful, and that her body was stunning. Her black hair flowed freely and her beautiful eyes were purple – just like Gwendis’. The black-and-red dress she was wearing was exotic and showed a lot of skin. Slut, Gwendis thought, but kept on her friendly smile. It irritated her that a stranger like this spent so much more time with her father than she did. Aisha was now right next to Gwendis. The dark priestess towered the Princess, like most women did, but Gwendis was used to that and kept a confident face. The expressionless way Aisha looked at her was impossible to read, all Gwendis knew was that this mysterious lady was most certainly calm and confident.

    “You are beautiful as always, my Princess.” Aisha said quietly, with emptiness on her eyes. “Thank you.” Gwendis replied, struggling to keep a friendly tone. She didn’t want to be afraid, but the darkness looming around this woman was very off-putting.

    “The council is waiting for you, I will not keep you any longer.” Aisha spoke smoothly, turning her eyes away from Gwendis and walking past her. The Princess turned her head to see the priestess turn away from the corridor. Gwendis sighed and composed herself. Time for another council meeting.

    As she stepped inside the council room Gwendis saw a very rare sight – his father was sitting at the end of the table, on the seat of the King, pressing his skinny and pale fingers together. Benedict was a on his late forties, and there were signs of aging on his face. His dark brown hair fell to his shoulders, and dark bags were under his blue eyes. Benedict didn’t even raise his look, but the other people around the table stood up and bowed for their Princess. Gwendis took her usual seat from the other end of the table, opposed to her father. Usually it was her making the everyday decisions and ruling in her father’s stead, but apparently these news of Maester Mortin were something so big that the King had bothered himself to come out of his shady chambers. Now that Gwendis thought about it, she hadn’t seen her father for over a week, and the last time he had been on a council meeting was months ago.

    Benedict had also brought one of his sorcerers, Noctis, to the council. Noctis was an emotionless man with a face of stone. He was a tall and slender, with silver hair and dark eyes. Now, just like always, he was wearing a formal black tunic. He had of course taken the seat right next to the King.

    Opposing to Noctis, also right next to the King, sat Lyla Sand – a skinny young woman with a deceptively kind face. She was a hired killer who had risen to Benedict’s favor. She was wearing a purple dress and looked at Gwendis with a smirk on her face. Lyla was an exception on the court of Blackmont that was mostly divided to people who managed the ruling with Princess Gwendis and the inner circle of the King that was certainly influential, but was rarely seen on the council. Lyla Sand however was very close with the King, but also regularly took part in the council meetings.

    By the middle of the table sat Maester Mortin and Ser Kegan Drinkwater, the master-at-arms. Mortin was an old and greying man, but he was also someone worth listening to. Ser Kegan was middle-aged knight who had served the Blackmonts since Gwendis was just a little girl.

    Closest to Gwendis was Braddock Blackmont, the cousin of King Benedict. Braddock was a polite and tactful, balding and plump man on his mid-forties. He was the man who was most useful for Gwendis when managing the economy of the kingdom.

    “I have three matters to bring up on this meeting.” Maester Mortin said after a moment of awkward silence. “First of all, there have come several appeals for help from the farmers of the northern valley and villages of the Shepard’s path. Apparently the latest harvest was weak and they are asking for aid.” Gwendis looked at her father, and as he appeared to show no interest in the matter, she felt free to speak.

    “Braddock, how are the royal grain stocks?” She asked calmly. The plump man let out a sigh. “We are quite low on everything, but there should be enough for a small help.” Braddock spoke with strained words, and Gwendis gave her a small nod. “My suggestion is that we deliver a barrel of either wheat or barley for each of the villages and farmers.” She said, knowing only too well that those people would still have a hard time surviving to the next harvest. “And we should also not tax them until the situation has resolved.” She added, and Maester Mortin sighed but still nodded in agreement.

    “Yes, that sounds fair.” He said and turned his look to King Benedict. “What is your opinion, your grace?” Benedict raised his gaze slowly from the table. “I suppose it is best to keep the people alive, and I trust my daughter can do that much.” He spoke with a vicious tone, making the Maester gulp and nod, a frightened expression on his face.

    “So, what’s next?” Ser Kegan grunted, and Mortin quickly sniffed out a raven scroll from his sleeve. “It’s news all the way from the eastern coast of Dorne.” He said nervously as he looked at the scroll. “It is said that the Lord of Sandship, Mors Martell and his Rhoynar wife Nymeria have declared themselves the Prince and Princess of Dorne. And apparently they plan to conquer all the way from the Narrow Sea to the Red Mountains.” Gwendis was truly baffled by these news. She looked around the table and it looked as everyone else saw it being just as bizarre and absurd as she did – even Benedict appeared to be slightly baffled by what he just heard. Gwendis had heard of the alliance between the Rhoynar and the Martells, and she had even expected them to create a kingdom to the eastern Dorne, but this was something she would have never thought.

    “Outrageous.” Ser Kegan muttered and shook his head. Lyla Sand just let out a sarcastic little laugh. “What does it matter?” She asked lazily. “They will bash themselves against the Drylands and break. We have no need to waste time even thinking about this.”

    “Perhaps.” Braddock said calmly. “But if there will be war, we should consider on supporting the Drylands.” Ser Kegan grunted in agreement, but Maester Mortin spoke up again. “There is no war yet though, and we might have our own problems.” He said with a stressful voice.

    “What do you mean?” Gwendis asked, and the maester pulled out yet another scroll from his sleeve. “A scroll with the seal of Manwoody’s sigil arrived this morning.” He said and gulped, opening the scroll. “From the Great King Albin Manwoody.” He started reading. “I declare that all the villages on the west side of the Wide Way, from Bloodhill to Hunter’s Well, shall from this day be taxed by the Kingdom of Red Mountains, as those lands once belonged to the ancestors of Albin Manwoody, and will now be returned to their rightful owner. If you go against this, it shall be taken as an act of war.” Mortin ended and dropped the scroll to the table. Gwendis could see that her father was angry, and she could even understand that. “We cannot accept this.” Ser Kegan said with tense words.

    “Of course not.” Gwendis replied calmly. “But the question is what will we do?”

    “We must show power.” Noctis spoke up with his ominous voice, sending shivers down Gwendi’s spine. Ser Kegan nodded. “I agree with the sorcerer, we should gather an army and march to this fucker’s lands. Let’s see how the ‘Great King’ shits his pants.”

    “Calm down, everyone.” Gwendis said with a commanding tone. This message from the Manwoody was most certainly offensive and blasphemous, but waging war recklessly was against everything that Gwendis had ever been taught about ruling a kingdom. “Clearly Manwoody is just testing us. All we need to do is give a fair warning and he’ll back down, that’s the kind of man he is.”

    “You are most correct, my Princess.” Braddock said politely. “However, King Albin has been boasting about expanding his kingdom for a while now. This seems like the careful first step for him. Perhaps we should show him our force and make it clear once and for all that he will take no lands from us.” Gwendis sighed, she was about to answer, but then suddenly his father spoke up.

    “There is no need for anymore conversation.” He stated coldly. “I have made my decision. We shall gather an army and put him to his place, by force.” Gwendis’ mouth was left open. She was unsure if she could argue against her father or not. She hated this, all this time she felt like she was managing the kingdom, and then his father comes out of his chambers to make the most important decision. She saw Benedict narrowing his eyes as he looked at her. Can I argue against him?

    [Insist a more diplomatic way] [Agree with Benedict]

    • [Agree with Benedict]

      I've only really chosen this choice over the other for a couple of reasons. One, because you have stated that Albin is starting to go mad, I doubt he is going to settle with diplomacy. Two, I think Gwendis needs to keep a solid relation with her father and everyone else because god knows what he has been working on all this time. It also brings up that the Blackmont's need to show power in times like these, they are low on harvest but are still able to prosper. To have their lands taken away from them by a mad king and try to resolve it by talking would simply add onto the madness, in my opinion.

    • Ah, Gwendis, my dear :D This was a great part! I'm already loving the way you write her, just as imagined, and the situation at the court of Blackmont is intriguing. I can't help but feel that she is in a potentially dangerous situation, surrounded by sorcerers, assassins and dark priestesses. That said, the characters introduced in this part are as colourful as they are fascinating. I'm already sure that almost everyone of them has a hidden plan and even though I am slightly scared if their plans include Gwendis as well, I can't wait to find out more about them.

      [Agree with Benedict]

      Well... Personally, I am more in favour of the other option. There's also the thing that I think Gwendis herself is leaning more in favour of a diplomatic way. However, I certainly don't want to anger Benedict. It's clear that he already made up his mind and speaking against him would be futile. The problem with Benedict is, I don't even know how he would react if his daughter argues against him. Maybe it's not going to be too bad, perhaps he'd even be amused, but there's also the chance that he is going to be really angry. With all these shady people around him, it's hard to say how he will react and I don't want to risk it. I'm also pretty sure that Gwendis won't be able to make him change his mind either way.

    • [Agree with Benedict] In this instance I would say that is the best decision. It is shown that violence is something that Gwendis would most likely not prefer herself but with King Benedict and King Albin from the looks of things both being kings that are more on the unstable side, I would say this is a time that Gwendis should just let this one go. I would say there are times she could disagree with her father and it not be that big of a deal, However with a threat toward their kingdom I would say this is not one of those times. By the way another great chapter and I liked the brief mention of Jamison and his exploits!!

    • [Agree with Benedict]

    • [Agree with Benedict]

      I don't think that they can reason with the madman. It will be awesome to see what his circle of magi can do as well in the battle. Very interesting part which introduced many characters and mine as well :-D That was so fast, thank you. I can see that both magicians are having quite a stoney faces and behaviours - I really enjoy reading details like that about described people, which make characters more realistic with their appearances and draw the pictures in the readers head.

    • [Agree with Benedict]

    • [Agree with Benedict]

      No point in trying a diplomatic way - Manwoody will not agree with Blackmont's terms for sure. Secondly, Albin is portrayed as one of weaker kings, so forces of Blackmonts should handle him (although war will still weaken them). If we're talking of potential war we should take a look at strategic aspect - Manwoody, to attack Blackmont, has to cross The Prince's Pass (so Blackmonts will learn about the attack quicker), and he must assault the front of the castle (as Blackmont is located by the border with The Reach so Manwoody shouldn't be able to attack from behind) so defence from siege should be way easier.

    • [Agree with Benedict]

      As much as I hate Benedict's decision, disagreeing with him might raise more problems than it would solve.

  • And here is an awesome picture by @Mathea, of two characters introduced in this part - Benedict Blackmont and Aisha the Dark Priestess:

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  • I read the prologue and the OP and sent some characters, now I'm gonna read up the chapters you already posted.

    Tell me if you liked the chars, thanks :)

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    Gwendis is going to play it safe and agree with Benedict. Well, this was a clear one :D I didn't really expect such a clear consensus on this decision, but I definitely see the reasons why you voted this. It will be a hard choice for Gwendis to make because it's in her ideals to avoid war if it's possible.

    The next part will introduce us to Starfall. I've started writing the part, but it will probably take a couple days before it's ready.

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