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S01E02 Freelance Police Easter Egg!

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[SPOLIER]In Myras Show, If you make Max talk to Myra, You see a option to talk about Sam, and Max saids "Die why won't you die!" and then Sam saids "You crack me up little buddy" and this were referes to the Freelance Police Trailer[/SPOLIER]
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  • Yes. The scene actually goes like this:

    Max: I'd like to mention my pal, Sam, and something that happened the other day!
    Myra: Anecdotes about other celebrities -- even ones as dubious as you two -- are always welcome.
    Max: Well, I was battering this purse-snatcher with a broken parking meter and screaming "Die! Why won't you die!" and Sam said, "You crack me up, little buddy!"
    Myra: The point being...?
    Max: I crack Sam up!

    It's funny, but why did you put it in the hint forum? It's not a hint. Also, your tags aren't working.
  • That's because he spelled "spoiler" wrong. Not sure "spolier" is a word. ;)
    Oh, I remember that, too! I don't think it should be in the hints section though.
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