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Anyone else think that Winslow will join another pirate if they knock Guybrush off his ship?
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  • Ooh, me! Pick me! I'll join the other pirates! Err . . . umm . . . I mean, I think he'd join the other pirates!

    Honestly, though, I always thought it was very suspicious that one minute he's there adjusting the lenses, and then as soon as "threatening voice" comes he's out of the picture. It doesn't take too much creativity to see how those two could be connected, especially considering Van Winslow basically forced himself onto Guybrush's crew.
  • I was just thinking of the recurring theme of "the captain of the Narwhal is whoever knocks the old captain off." What if an animal knocks Guybrush off? Will we get the return of a LeChimp like character?
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