What did you do to *******?

What did you do to Georgie?

I killed him. I really felt bad for the poor sucker.



  • Left him to die. I'm not killing injured people who killed innocent folks without any regrets.

  • As far as I remember I think I left him to suffer.. #NoRegrets

  • Put him out of his misery. After all, it was I who stabbed him.

  • I left him there. No matter how many times I've played, I still choose this option.

  • I did the same thing. :) But your answer does not surprise me, since you're Georgie's #1 fan. Btw, how you been pie?? Thought you left the forums for good.

  • I left him to suffer...

    No need for strong violence no no, let him wither away in his own agony. Maybe then he'll understand what he did wrong.

  • I let him suffer but I felt bad about it so I watched a video where someone mercy killed him and it really didn't seem merciful and quick, it looked quite agonising.

  • Why did Bigby have to rip his guts out, ffs. I woulda preferred breaking his neck.

  • Always. Him and Gren. :) Been good. Very busy but that's life. I'm not as active as I use to be but I still come around from time to time. :)

  • Because Bigby is a fucking BOSS and neck breaking is to cliche for the Big Bad Wolf XD

  • Nice to see you're still lurking around. I didn't necessarily 'hate' Georgie....I'd like to hear your take on him? I mean, besides your stories (which are amazing) but him as a character, his actions and why you felt the need to leave him, knowing what he did? Just curious. :) Gren is pretty badass, too.

  • So is throwing Crooked Man down the Witching Well LOL.

  • Well not really when you take into account that an execution in Fabletown IS throwing people down the Witching Well (as brilliantly demonstrated in the Fables comics)

    Though ripping his head off beforehand still seems a bit too much in my book

  • I felt a degree of sympathy and saw no reason as to why not, so I tried to kill him mercifully............

    ......by ripping his guts out (Seriously, could I not have just snapped his neck?)

  • Thanks. :) Well, in regards to Georgie, I felt bad for him. I'd never read the FABLES comics before playing TWAU, so it broke my heart when I heard how the Fabletown government was treating some of the Fables beyond the Woodlands. For example, what Gren had to say when it came to Holly's missing sister. All the paperwork and being escorted out of the office without any answers. Those like Toad, Gren, Woody, Georgie etc. had to take the law into their own hands. So, make a long story short, Georgie was in the same boat. He and Vivian were struggling to make ends meet and did what they could. It was meant to be just a 'thing' until the Crooked Man got involved and took advantage of their situation. Georgie did what he had to do to stay above the water. Apparently, all he really 'had' was Vivian but even that was toxic. I don't agree with what Georgie did but can understand WHY he did it....

    But even after all that, he's still one of my favorites. :) But I appreciate the love for the stories. And yes. Gren is an awesome guy.

  • I killed him. I felt bad too, and I believed him.

  • I felt bad because so many had to defend themselves and had no one's help, including Georgie. :( I've never read all of the comics. I've tried but it's not really interesting. Lost me after 50. TWAU comic was pretty neat but we got no BG on Georgie. Would've been nice.

    Are you still writing, pie? :)

  • Lost me after 50

    I see that a lot from some internet reviews :P

    Fables isn't always the most dramatic (or sometimes easiest) thing to read...

  • I felt the same way playing the game, especially hearing how so many wnet for help and were pushed away. Hmm...the FABLES comic was pretty neat in certain sections and others, I could've done without. My wife felt the same way as you did. As for TWAU comic, it became a huge bore and the plot seemed so scattered. I mean, we KINDA got a look into Gren's past but I already knew the Beowulf/Grendel story, so there really wasn't anything too memorable or new. :/ But back to Georgie....I honestly felt sorry for him and his situation. His lack of assistance and those he could trust. People do very desperate things during their darkest hours.....I once again don't agree but see why he did it all.

    As for my writing, yes and no. I'll PM you. :)

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    I finished him off, not out of mercy but just to make sure he was dead.

  • Is there a single character you didn't kill? :P

  • I killed him out of mercy. I truly believed him

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    I spared Kenny after he stabbed Jane. Kenny is my homie from day one you know.

  • I know right, that's why I leave him. It looks LESS painful than 'mercy' killing him.

  • Well, I guess it is a matter of preference; a quick but painful death, or a slow but relatively less painful death?

    Actually, now that I think about it, Georgie sounded like he just wanted a quick death, judging by him saying "just make it quick".

  • Oh I just let him kill the bitch :P

    First time around I shot Kenny, and then left Jane alone...

    But every other time afterwards I let Kenny kill her and then continued on with him.

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    I've always chosen for Kenny not only because I like him but also because Jane set this shit up, hiding the baby in the car and all that... She just lowkey wanted to get rid of Kenny because they were arguing and she didn't like him. She is an arrogant hoe imo. I mean before that I thought Jane was an okay lady but if she didn't do that there would be a chance of us three surviving and nobody getting hurt... Btw I know Kenny was kinda losing it but I can't really blame him especially not after what Jane did. I think he will turn a little more normal as time progresses.. Oh and about Georgie again, I recently replayed TWAU and the other reason that I finished him was also because he told me where Crooked man was etc. Like a thank you... Give and Take

  • That's the point though. If you choose to rip the crooked man's head off, the update says "Fabletown is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf." Bigby has proven himself to still be a beast. Even to a man as corrupt as the Crooked Man, ripping his head off is unnecessary.

  • I let him. As Bigby I tried not to kill anybody so my instincts would not awake. Also, I am the Big Bad Wolf right? So yeah, he may suffer.

  • I killed him.
    There is a possibility that he would survive if I let him like Anakin in Star Wars

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    Left him to suffer. The line "I'll send someone for your body" is just too badass to miss. B)

  • "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster."

    Whenever the option for mercy turns up, I take it. While I avoid murder whenever I can in Telltale Games, leaving a man to suffer isn't kind, no matter how bad he is. Don't sink to the level of those you're trying to stop.

  • Tore his guts out.

  • Sometimes I leave him sometimes I do what he wants Bigby to do.

  • Oh well, you know... when my employees are "questioning" people, "make it quick" would mean something like 5 hours of torturing ;-) no seriously, I left him to die. I thought it would be a great epic scene where he screams after Bigby while Bigby turns the light of the Puddin´and Pie out...

  • I left him to die. I wanted him to suffer as he lay next to the woman that he caused to die. It seemed like poetic justice. I agree with Chu were I tried not to kill people unless I had to so that way Bigby wouldn't turn into the Wolf. My Bigby is a responsible cop.

  • I killed him as well. But I'm going to replay again to unlock the book of fables entry.
    I'm not really sure why I picked the option. He looked so pathetic and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him (even though he was responsible for those deaths).

  • I really liked Georgie. I was hoping he'd survive to the end.

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    I killed him not out of mercy but because I don't like to leave business unfinished.

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