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SoMI problems...

posted by Aotrs Commander on - last edited - Viewed by 108 users
Okay, I'm posting here on the basis Lucasarts don't appear to have a forum for it (yet), at least not one I can locate - and at least here there's a fair chance someone will no something (even it's just where I should be posting!). I've been playing SoMI:SE (PC version, OS is XP Home, SP3) for a while, but the pause/options menu keeps popping up at intervals, more and more frequently. It was annoying but livable with until this morning, when it now is continuously popping up every half-second or so, rendering the game utterly unplayable.

I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm sure it's not my wireless keyboard running out of batteries (as I'm typing this...), so unless my F1 key is suddenly broken (rather doubtful, since, for example, the help screen isn't randomly popping up in IE) I'm at a total loss.

Has anyone else had a problems like this? If so, how did you fix it? Does anyone know of a better, more 'official' place to post this problem (wherein the actual techs might see it?) I'm baffled...
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