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Would you like Lucasarts to update the graphics for Monkey Island 2 SE?

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I'd like to see the people's opinion. :D
Oh, and flamethrowers are disabled...
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  • I would enjoy that immensely.
  • Only if they hire someone with actuall skill like Steve Purcell or Bill Tiller. I'd hate to see another loved game rushed by some strangers in Singapore just because LucasArts are too lazy and cheap to hire some real talant.
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    I really like the look of the SE. The backgrounds look really sharp and nice, and yet I think they are very close to the originals. OK, the animations are not what you'd expect of a new game, but that was OK to me...

    And I LOVE the new music with the live band! And the voice acting with Dominic & Co!

    So definitely, bring up more SEs!
  • They should update it all but have an option to turn on new music and voice in the old version.
  • I bought MI3 with MI1 and MI2. I was a kid and I will say this as part of the new generation who Lucas aim to sell to. I couldn't stand MI2. Their was so much going on. At the time it was beautiful but to a younger generation. It gave me headaches. In the end I looked up a guide so I could just see how the story went. And if you don't want the updated isn't that the point of switching with a button?

    But they should have an option for voice and music in pixel version.
  • I voted just sound, but only on the basis that I don't like Guybrush's hair in SMI:SE. If they fix that, then go for it...
  • Again with the hair. Why do you guys make it such a big deal? So what? What if I said Guybrush's nose was way too long and big? It's nothing like the originals and he looks like a doofus. It was the same issue then, you know. Luckily, people got over it. Hopefully, we'll all get over the "hair" now as well.

    I think Yahtzee said it best: "Fans are clinging complaining dip****s who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The sooner you tune out their shrill tremulous voices the happier you'll be for it."
  • Definitely agreeing with MusicallyInspired.

    My favorite part is that Guybrush changes EVERY GAME and the same "old fans" can't adapt to minor cosmetic changes.
  • Wow... No offense, but... Just because of the hair? Well, I found that they did a rather sloppy job with MI:SE, and yes, the character design could have been better, but I don't think that voting for "just sound" only because you don't like Guybrush's hair is all that reasonable...
  • I wonder when (and if) "hair mods" or "new sound old game" mods'll come out.
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