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is there gona be a soundtrack of TMI cd to buy (I realy wana listen to the new voodoo lady theme on my mp3 I love it congrats to the ppl who composed it)
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  • That "ppl" is the legendary Michael Land mate who's worked on all the Monkey Island games and plenty more other games. :p And yes, I do hope TTG release a Soundtrack CD just so that I can bloody own a Monkey Island Soundtrack Legally!!
  • Since they released the Sam & Max soundtrack (which is also excellent), I don't see why not unless Michael Land has a problem with it. It might also be nice if they included some tunes from the older games in the series.
  • It could be part of the DVD, like SBCG4AP, but I doubt it.
  • I was just wondering this too. I can't get the theme from the first act when you're on the boat (with the "root beer") out of my head XD

    Although maybe they're just going to release it free into the world like LucasArts did. Free or paid, I really hope that it's available soon :D
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