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Is it wise to judge create-a-line contest on votes?

posted by SurplusGamer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I know that there are all sorts of rules stopping the utterly WRONG making it into the game as a result of the current contest running...

... but when the top two entries are suddenly from someone who goes by the name 'The Silent Man', which were nowhere to be seen before... well...

What I'm trying to say is that it suddenly seems as if the winner will be the person who somehow manages to badger enough people to click on the Vote button (or cheat - not that I'm accusing anyone of that) rather than the person who actually has the line that everyone thinks is the best.

Those top two lines are not TERRIBLE by any means, but either I'm missing something and that guy has managed to create the TWO funniest lines in the contest which everyone loves so much that they've both suddenly rocketed to the top out of nowhere, or there's something else going on here.

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  • I definitely don't feel the top competitors have the best this forum has to offer, no offense to anyone ;)
  • The contest is just a way to get free promotion for TOMI through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since I don't read faces, I don't twitt, and my interactions with my friends are face to face, and not through unsolicited, creepy, CC'd e-mail, I know I don't have a hope in Detroit of even making the leader board, which seems to be kinda broken at the moment.

    I think it would be a really, really fine and awesome idea if we all agreed on what the absolute WORST entry is, and all vote for that one. When Trial and Execution is finally released, think of the smug satisfaction we'd all get. Mmmmm.... Smug Satisfaction.
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    I can see why telltale would rather the selection process was automated to some degree (clicks = votes), they frankly have more important things to do than read each and every entry. That said, if they don't read each and every one then there is a chance that the best will be missed.

    I would propose that the contest was more of a lottery, in which the selected entry was simply chosen at random. I mean one persons comedy is another persons tragedy.
  • I think its a great viral marketing tool. While I don't think my lines will win because I don't use twitter so I can't advertise my links, the fact that many people are voting and hopefully clicking on the demo link once they vote means that more people may buy the game. What would be nice, however, is if telltale would do a "judges winner" as well as the popularity contest winner.
  • True story:

    My brother and I enetered a similar contest once. Instead of a line, we had to do a short clip. No more than 3 minutes long. Of course, some competitors didn't read the rules and posted clips of several minutes.
    Every clip had to be posted on youtube, then on the site. The winer was the one that gathered the most clicks. You could only vote once/computer. At the end of the contest, a single clip (that was 7 minutes long...7 boooring minutes) had about 2000 clicks. Okay, let's say fair enough! It had the most clicks, and the contest organisers ignored the three-minutes rule.
    Do the math.
    900 views compared to 2000 clicks.

    They totally cheated, as I don't believe that a couple of kids actually had 2000 friends which they all convinced to vote for their clip.
    Sad, but true. We could've won 1000 bucks.
  • I won a DVD once.... :(
  • Guybrush stole my sour grapes!

    (I agree though, seems a bit unfair)
  • I think people will cheat if they know how to do it. That will occur in all contests, games or in life in general. And anyway, even if you don't win the contest, does that make you any less of a fan to TTG products or MI games?

    Hmm... instead of continuing the complaints (which we have a lot in this forum), do anyone have any better and logical suggestions to conduct contests in a fairer manner?
  • smashing wrote: »
    And anyway, even if you don't win the contest, does that make you any less of a fan to TTG products or MI games?

    Let me just say, I'd rather not have George Bush jokes in my Monkey Island.
  • Like "He almost killed me! With a Pretzel!" (I'd love that one).

    But back to the issue at hand. Yes, online votes are always prone to spamming and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. You can analyze IP address ranges, try your luck with tracking cookie, but in the end it's just a matter of knowing how the web works.

    Giving $1000 away based on votes seems like a pretty stupid idea, but since this vote is sufficiently "unimportant" enough we can at least hope that nobody will bother to start a really elaborate attack.
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