Beginning this September, a new chapter of the Fables legacy will begin with EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES. A new monthly Vertigo comic book —from the creative team behind the acclaimed digital-first series FABLES: THE WOLF AMONG US, writers Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, with artwork by Travis Moore and covers by Tula Lotay — EVERAFTER takes place after Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham’s beloved Eisner Award-winning series.

"EVERAFTER is a spy thriller featuring a covert-ops team whose mission is to save this newly magical world from itself," explains co-writer Dave Justus. "The story has a uniquely Vertigo flair, filled with twists, double-crosses, and agents willing to give their lives for (fairy) queen and (goblin) country!"

"We've always hated that feeling of getting to the end of a great book and wondering, 'But then what happened?'" says co-writer Matthew Sturges. "Bill Willingham planted so many seeds in the final issue of FABLES that it was impossible for us to let it lie."

In a post-FABLES world where magic abounds, it can be wielded for the greater good or used to sow the ideas of anarchy and terrorism. Enter The Shadow Players, a global network of agents—both Fable and mundane—tasked with policing a newly enchanted world and protecting humanity from itself. The series will feature fan-favorite characters, including Bo Peep, Peter Piper, Hansel, and Connor Wolf, as well as exciting new characters and a terrifying new villain.

"EVERAFTER is an extraordinary opportunity for us to build onto the stories of characters from FABLES that we love, offer new revelations, flesh out the lives of some lesser known characters, and bring brand-new Fables into the mix," explains artist Travis Moore. "For me, it's always a joy to get to design new characters; I'm bringing a more dynamic action style to the FABLES community than fans have seen from me."

"The terrific job Matt Sturges, Dave Justus, and Travis Moore did on the comic adaptations of the Wolf Among Us video games made them the perfect team to carry this new spin-off series," says FABLES creator Bill Willingham. "There are some terrific surprises ahead in a world that is no longer mundy. What happens in a world that now knows about Fables and the sharp rise of magic in their midst? EVERAFTER is going to show us."

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Well, what do you think about It? In my opinion it won't be the same without Bill. I mean all those spin-offs he didn't write (like most of Fairest) basically had shitty script and plot and all.

BUT it's still Fables. I'm sure I will be buying it. I just don't expect it to be amazing (but who knows)


  • I kinda wish they would let Fables end on the high note it did instead of adding some weird Special Forces thing to be its real final outing.

    Also its by the people who did the Wolf Among Us adaptation...

  • The Fables comic ended sometime ago and we got closure. I'm sure this comic will be interesting but I'd wish they'd leave it at that...the end. Done. Not sure if I'll check it out myself, tbh....

  • This is a shot in the dark but what if this comic offers stories on some of the characters in the game, like Grendel for example-would you read it or still avoid it? Just curious. :) It kind of sounds interesting.

  • But the thing is, we GOT some information on Grendel during TWAU online comic...not really much you can do with him, unless something new and different was to be introduced. I doubt this comic will include characters from the game. I've read which characters they'll be focusing on and I'm not excited, nor does the plot of the story draw me in. As I mentioned in my previous comment, they just need to leave Fables alone and accept the ending it was given. This kind of stuff reminds me of Fanfiction. None of the Fables spinoffs were any good; Jack of Fables pulled out a few chuckles from me but the rest were horrible. Same as TWAU. It was good in the beginning but towards the middle and end, it lost me. Like I said, doubt I'll read this. If you do decide to look into, awesome, my good man. :)

  • I understand. I was just curious. I actually liked Jack of Fables but guess everyone has their own opinions about stuff. I'm still going to read it. I must be the only one in this world that thought TWAU comic online was pretty good. I'd like to give this a read. The plot sounds interesting. :)

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    Was'nt that praised by critics and fans?

  • Not sure how it was critically praised, but I know fans didn't like it so much, it stretched every issue out and added a ton of sub plots and changed the ending massively.

  • Yeah but alot of people liked that, especially the ending. Many felt the original Wolf Among Us was too unclear in several places and was very in need of backstory.

    But eitherway i think Bill Willingham supporting the project means he at least sees potential for a good story, so i think its worth a chance.

  • Hmmmmmmmmm.......

    As a massive fan of the comics I will read this series out of curiosity, BUT, the Special Forces aspect is giving me a strange vibe, and not a good one. To be fair, we can figure out who will live and who will die based on the last issue of Fables, but introducing new characters into the Fables world should be cool if they're done right.

    I read 8 issues of The Wolf Among Us comic and honestly wasn't that impressed. They changed too much about the game and it didn't feel like TWAU or Fables for that matter!

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    Oh wow, I haven't seen this before. I for one really enjoyed the Wolf digital comic. I loved all of the things they added to expand the story and make it so you just weren't reliving the video game. I cant wait to see what they do with this.

  • Eight issues out of 48? You didn't really get the whole story but if you didn't like it, you didn't like it.

  • Some fans actually did like it. I don't understand this complaint. Did people just want them to copy the game word for word? You might as well just play the game and not read the comic at all.

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    I'm glad to see Willingham liked what they did with Wolf and is onboard for new stories. I had a feeling that eventhough he might be done, he would be open to others reentering the world he created and making new stories. I thought fans would be more open to it.

  • Well i hope thats exactly what they are. It would be a good thing to have people who truly enjoyed the series doing it because they like it. It would really be bad if they just did it for the money.

    Also i believe the same about Willingham. He's the type of writter that leaves stories so others can work on them. It's like sharing a really cool toy collection with friends.

  • I hope they let characters from the Wolf be a Part of this new series. Just imagine the story potencial with all that happened thought the years.

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    I doubt if they got a whole lot of money out of it, so it had to be for the love of it. I guess it must have been successful enough but it was so cheap to buy, only 99c an issue.

  • I'll try and read the others to see if it got better, but the overall vibe to begin with wasn't gripping me...

  • Well, I would like to see more of the characters we didn't get to see much of like Tiny Tim, but I'm not sure how much they could do since this takes place after the main story ends and we lost a lot of characters. But we'll see. :)

  • I'll give this comic a shot and see what happens. I see mixed reviews for TWAU comic. I for one thought it was cool but can see why others despised it. I don't think their hate towards it was not having it word for word with the game but rather the path they took. I spoke to another member on this forum about it and he said his main issue with the messy plot, too much focus on Mary/Crooked Man and lack of character development for some, that could have made the comic better than how it ended.

    But as for Ever after, I'd like to read it and see for myself. Should it not be worth it as Fables was, so be it.

  • I like you, you have good opinions

  • Awesome! That is good to know HazzatheMan. :) Im just hoping they don't mess this up, considering a lot will be angry! (Me being one)

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    Dont read it if you dont want to. Im not teying to change your mind. All I know is I liked what they did with it and Im glad it was successful enough to warrant interest in more stories.

  • To be fair, as long as we get some Snow and Bigby action I'll be fine. I never felt that any of the comics were so bad I had to stop reading them, but some were definitely worse than others...

  • Overall, the series itself was wonderful. There were a few political matters addressed in the issues that let me feeling uncomfortable or did not agree on but you can't win them all. I simply did not let that render my enjoyment to the comic. The Arabian volumes were slightly boring for myself. After Bigby and Snow's wedding, a few issues were merely fillers in my eyes and the whole 'super team' thing pulled a few yawns from me but other than that, I loved it.

    I just hope they don't mess up with this one. I can honestly say a lot of the side projects involving Fables were not as enjoyable or worse....Fairest being one of them.

  • I doubt people wanted the exact same thing, which does happen for the most part. I liked the comic and disliked it. The only thing I disliked was the long Bloody Mary and Crooked Man story. I would of liked the comic more if they added a backstory for Holly and Lily, as well as Jersey's.

  • Wait...first there was fables,right? Then a game based on fables called The Wolf Among Us,check clear so far. They then took wolf(which is supposed to be a prequel to fables) and made it into a comic, based on a game,based on a comic! And now there's a sort of post fables thing happening,that's not truly connected to Wolf or Fables. Maybe I'm missing something, but this feels like an incomplete thought process. Who wants to bet that we TTG gamers will wind up with a Wolf sequel based off this Special Forces thing, and then .only because of trade marks, or whatever. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing but....I really want to control Bigby again! :). Hope this thing dosen't suck.... dragonfire out!

  • I don't think Telltale would make it into a game. Not to mention Bigby can't appear in it no matter what or it would break cannon.

  • Uhhh, why would it break canon?

    Bigby is alive and well in the Fables universe :/

  • As nice as that would be it feels like a long shot. This new comic seems to be following JUST Fables. Shame really cuz TWAU introduced a bunch of really interesting characters :)

  • Cuz he cant go back to the mundy world

  • No, they banished him from Fabletown. He can go anywhere else he wants, and let's be fair, who's gonna tell Bigby to leave Fabletown if he goes back there? :P

  • Wasnt the deal at the end of Fables that Snow and Rose had to leave the mundy world for 1 thousand years or something and Bigby said he wouldnt leave Snow again?

  • No no, Rose told Snow that SHE would leave the realm for 1,000 years and then maybe return to see if they can start over again.

    Bigby told Snow (upon Rose's return 1,000 years later) that he would never leave her side while he was still breathing, cuz that's how much he loves her.

  • Yeah but I doubt Bigby would bother going back to the Mundy world to be a super cool Secret Fables Ops person.

  • I wouldn't put it past him, man's gotta kill at some point :P

  • Also wasn't Fabletown destroyed at the end of the series?

  • The story ended for me with Fables 150. 150 brought us a good and set resolution, and I wish it to remain so (for me, at least).

    Perhaps, if the reviews for this are satisfying, then I may read at least an issue. But beyond that, I cannot say.

  • I think only the Woodlands was destroyed, but I cant remember.

  • Castle Black was destroyed in the final conflict between Cinderella and Frau Totenkinder/Bellflower. But according to Bill Willingham's afterword, Fabletown was rebuilt by Fable and Mundy alike in the aftermath and turned into a school of magic; until eventually a great war broke out that saw Fabletown be finished for good.

    Whether this war will be elaborated upon in Everafter remains to be seen.

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