Undead Survival Phenomenon ‘7 Days to Die’ arrives on PS4 and Xbox One

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Hey there scavengers! Telltale Publishing in collaboration with Dallas-based independent developer The Fun Pimps are excited to announce today the release of hit survival horde crafting game 7 Days to Die on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America and July 1st in Europe.

For those unfamiliar, 7 Days to Die mashes up first person shooting, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing with the backdrop of a world in the wake of a global pandemic. Its unique combination of combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character growth has earned it a huge following on PC with over 1.5 million PC users worldwide, and inspired hundreds of thousands of hours of community content on YouTube and Twitch.

Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at what’s in store for you in the terror filled world of Navezgane.

We’re beyond thrilled to be helping bring this challenging, frightening, and incredibly fun experience to a whole new console owning audience, along with new features like local split-screen multiplayer, as well as DLC content like character skins from The Walking Dead - The Telltale Series.

Looking to learn more about crafting, scavenging, and building and survival in a world gone mad works? Watch this informative field guide featuring 7 Days to Die community legend Guudeboulderfist.

In this first of a series of tutorials, Guude gives you all the tips you need to make it through your first day, including strategies on building a good fortification, and the basics of crafting supplies necessary to withstand the dangers of the night. It’s chock full of useful insight, and highly recommended as a primer for those new to the crafting/survival genre or 7 Days to Die.

We can’t wait for console players to dive into Navezgane and start scavenging, crafting, building their way to survival through each Blood Moon soaked night.


  • I love the game but I am wondering if you are going to be able to support and update the console version or is it a never supported game?

  • This Game is brilliant. However it has one fatal flaw on ps4, there is no dedicated server platform. So when you play multiplayer (which is the major attraction for me) your either hosting a game on your ps4, or joining someone elses. This means only up to a max of 4 players at one time (way too little as the map is so huge your unlikely to ever bump into another player) But the real issue is that If I join a game, I could spend 4 hours levelling up and building stuff only for the host to log off his game and for me to lose all my hard work. Who wants to do that? The only other option is to host it yourself, but then if my friends want to play I have to play too otherwise there is no host for them to join. This is a major oversight and ruins what would otherwise be a fantastic "Ark Survival" beating game. Unless this issue is addressed, players (including me) will be voting with their feet and going elsewhere.

    Further to this there are other things in the pc version, which are sadly omitted on ps4. No character creation at the beginning. We are forced to choose a skin, meaning everyone looks pretty much alike. Even the most basic rpg's these days allow you to customise your characters appearance (eye colour, nose shape etc) before starting. Leaving this out takes a big part of the game away, which I think is a mistake. Sure if you want to use a pre-defined skin that's fine, but you should also be able to create a character also.

    An option to be able to customise your controller configuration would be handy... again most games have this option.

    There are bugs with animation and clipping, but I forgive them for this as long as it's improved somewhere along the road.

    Dissapointed. :-(

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  • Love the game wish that they would fix it on losing worlds game to laggy to play with friends or the game dose not have enough speed to keep up with us we r a team of old school minecraft players that love to build enormous structure and we work fast with our ideas but the game starts to run slow or it kicks us out and will not let us bake in that world and we have to start another on still doing the same over and over and this is me speaking for all of us love the game but it needs in a desperate need of a bug fix and a faster game processor so we would be able to work all together and build

  • To find each other on a map go to the people that r on the map and become allies with. Then once that is done u will see a black box should be under track make a check mark on it and it will let u track people in the world ur in

    This Game is brilliant. However it has one fatal flaw on ps4, there is no dedicated server platform. So when you play multiplaye

  • I love 7 Days to Die but my only problem with this Game is that it keeps freezing on me and my friends. Even if we play single player.
    Tried to fix it but nothing seems to work.

  • The main problems with the game is it crashes alot, no more than four can join in a server, minibike glitches out, doesn't load chunks fast enough, random generated map is smaller than navegane, servers are down a lot, and render distance is bad, max out treasure skill is very bad, you glitch out of the ground and die, now for what should be added in more lead spawn, add in backpacks that takes a level 30 or higher, boat one that breaks and the other holds like the mini bikes basket, NPC that asks for items, more nitrate powder spawn, should be able to combine steel and iron and that's about it

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  • I love this game. I sure hope TTP can keep up with Fun Pimps with the updates for the PC. One thing that would be great is the ability to quick move items from the backpack to a storage container and vice versa, and the auto-sort feature would be nice. Another thing that would be nice is a mini map that could be displayed in the corner of the screen. Can't wait for Trader Joels to be introduced, they are already in the works with that on the PC. A targeting aid would be helpful since aiming a ranged weapon can be quite tricky. Please please please give us some new stuff.

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