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Minecraft Unofficial FAQ (Please Read Before Posting) [Adventure Pass Section Last Updated 9/7]

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Minecraft Story Mode: Unofficial FAQ

Season Pass (Episodes 1-5) and Adventure Pass (Episodes 6-8)

Please note all information here is compiled by volunteer moderators who are not Telltale Staff members.

Community moderators including Jennifer, Vainamoinen, and Blind Sniper have helped create this unofficial FAQ. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

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To see what current and future projects Telltale are working on, follow our "Future of Telltale FAQ" thread for frequent updates!

Latest Updates:

September 7, 2016

  • Episode 8 releases on September 13th

June 28, 2016

  • Changed format of Unofficial FAQ to make for better reading, added more information to the Adventure Pass section.
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    Jennifer Moderator

    Adventure Pass (Episode 6-8 DLC) FAQ

    (1) What is the Adventure Pass?

    The Adventure Pass is a downloadable add-on for Season 1 of Minecraft that adds three more episodes (Episodes 6-8) to Season 1 of Minecraft. You must own at least Episode 101 of Minecraft to download the Adventure Pass.

    Visit Telltale's official Adventure Pass page for more details:

    (2) Does the Adventure Pass come for free if I own the Season Pass, or do I need to purchase these extra episodes?

    You will need to purchase the three extra episodes, and you must own at least Episode 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1. They do not come included with the Season Pass for Season 1.

    (3) When do episodes from the Adventure Pass premiere?

    Episode 6: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 Waiting Thread
    Episode 7: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 Waiting Thread
    Episode 8: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 Waiting Thread

    (4) What is the plot behind these extra episodes?

    Episodes 6-8 will focus on the adventures of Jesse and his friends after the first four episodes of Season 1. Episode 5 (included with the first Season) will lead into the story for the three extra episodes as DLC. The Telltale blog goes into more detail, saying "these continuing Adventures of the New Order of the Stone will follow the additional escapades of Jesse and the group as they explore new and unfamiliar worlds beyond their own."

    (5) Telltale has so many games in development. Will this affect the quality or development time of this game?

    No. Since the success of Walking Dead: Season 1, Telltale has sized up from 70 people to near 350 people, and now have five times the amount of staff members they had during Season 1, so multiple projects at once should not be a concern. They now have a big enough staff to work on four projects at once as well as extra staff members to work on side projects.

    Even though Telltale announces their projects ahead of time, this doesn't mean that each game is in full production. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Bruner stated that "Telltale's approach to game development is much more like television than most other game developers. Across all of our series — The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode and more — the development process at Telltale spends a significant amount of time upfront in the writer's rooms not just with writers, but designers, directors and creative input from all across the studio. It's not unusual for our games to exist longer on whiteboards and sticky notes and in scripts than they do in traditional game production. It's incredibly similar to how TV often spends so much time in preproduction and planning before moving into actually shooting."

    To see what current and future projects Telltale are working on, follow our "Future of Telltale FAQ" thread for frequent updates!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Season 1 FAQ

    (Season Pass: Episodes 1-5)

    (1) What exactly is "Minecraft: Story Mode"?

    Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic story driven game set in the Minecraft game universe.

    (2) What kind of game can we expect?

    Telltale has only just established its new trademark game style with The Walking Dead in 2012. This style didn't change completely for Minecraft: Story Mode. Telltale focuses on new storylines, (mostly) new characters and aims to tell new, intricate stories in well-known settings. The game progresses through the player's dialog and plot choices, interspersed with carefully orchestrated QTE action sequences. There are also elements from Minecraft, such as crafting and combat with a health meter.

    (3) So this game has a story?

    Definitely. The game has been confirmed to be "narrative driven". It will be based on player choice, like all of Telltale's episodic games since The Walking Dead. The story follows Jesse, who the player can choose to be either male or female. Jesse's features are also customizable, both of which are a first for Telltale. Jesse is part of a group of friends who revere the legendary Order of the Stone. The Order consists of four adventurers, a Warrior, a Redstone Engineer, a Griefer, and an Architect, who are famous for slaying an Ender Dragon. While at EnderCon, Jesse's group discovers that something is wrong. Terror is unleashed, and they must set out on a journey to find The Order of the Stone if they are to save their world from oblivion.

    (4) Do I have to play the original Minecraft game before I can play Telltale's series?

    You will get more from the game if you are aware of the franchise before you play it, but it is not necessary. Telltale does a good job of adding things that people who know the franchise will appreciate, while keeping the game from getting confusing for people who are new to the franchise.

    (5) Are the original creators of Minecraft involved?

    Mojang is working with Telltale to make sure that Minecraft: Story Mode is as "Minecrafty" as possible.

    (6) Does this game's story follow Steve (the playable protagonist in Minecraft), or does Telltale use new characters?

    The game uses new characters alongside "familiar themes" according to Telltale.

    (7) Minecraft typically doesn't have much of a story. Will Telltale's story become the official Minecraft story?

    According to Telltale and Mojang, the story does not act as "official lore" for Minecraft. Instead, it acts as an "interpretation" of Minecraft's world.

    (8) So who wrote most of the game?

    Telltale wrote the majority of the game, but Mojang and "community members" from Minecraft will also have input on the story.

    (9) Does it require Minecraft to play?

    No. It's not a DLC for Minecraft. It's a separate, episodic game, that is about Minecraft, set in the Minecraft universe.

    (10) Telltale's games since The Walking Dead have players making tough choices. What kinds of choices will you make in Minecraft: Story Mode?

    As Jesse, you have to make different choices between choosing which of your friends to help. Additionally, you can also choose one of different items to craft during certain scenes in the story as well.

    (11) For which platforms is Minecraft: Story Mode be available?

    It will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Mac, Wii U, iOS and Android.

    (12) How much does it cost?

    It is the current Telltale price of $5 per episode or $25 for the whole season. There will also be a retail season pass disc for consoles that is scheduled to be released on the launch day of episode 1 for $30. Prices vary per platform.

    (13) What is the season pass disc and how does it work?

    The season pass disc is a retail disc which will contain episode 1. It allows owners of the disc to download the remaining four episodes. Because it requires downloading the four episodes that are not on the disc, an internet connection is required. The disc itself is the season pass that enables the rights to download the games, so it is not linked to a single account, and the disc is tradeable.

    (14) How many episodes are there?

    The season pass consists of five episodes. The episode titles are The Order of the Stone. Assembly Required, The Last Place You Look, A Block and a Hard Place, and Order Up.

    (15) When were the episodes released?

    Episode 1: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Waiting Thread.
    Episode 2: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 Waiting Thread.
    Episode 3: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Waiting Thread.
    Episode 4: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Waiting Thread
    Episode 5: Consult the Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 Waiting Thread

    (16) For which languages is the game available?

    There are seven different subtitle languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese.

    (17) Will there be a bonus/free collector's DVD version available when I purchase the game directly from the Telltale store?

    This is unlikely, as bonus disks are usually announced during the pre-order period, before the game is released.

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