Who is your favorite Batman character that's not Batman

For me, obviously The Joker would be number one, I like him more than Batman anyway. But I would like to name Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, and Tim Drake/Red Robin. Pretty all the Robin are pretty badass with the exception of Damian Wayne. Screw that kid.


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    My top 5:

    1. Joker
    2. Ra's al Ghul
    3. Bane
    4. Alfred
    5. Catwoman
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    My only experience with Batman is the Arkham games so based off them I would say my top 5 are:


    enter image description here

    2.The Mad Hatter

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    4.Harley Quinn

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  • Riddler.

  • Actually... Gordon. I know it's an unpopular opinion but it's mine.

  • I feel like a tool saying it, but Scarecrow. Keep in mind that I thought this before he was in any of the movies or games. Then he was in EVERY movie and Rocksteady game.

  • I really like Bane.

  • Oh easily Dick Grayson, he's one of my favourite DC characters for that matter, Gordon is brilliant too. On the villains side my favourites are Joker, Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul.

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    I love Joker but the Riddler is cool too

  • I've always been a big Robin fan. Tim Drake's my favourite Robin with Jason Todd as a close second.

  • Harley Quinn and CatWoman.

  • I really like Harley Quinn :D

  • harley quinn catwoman joker

  • I like Two-face, Catwoman and James Gordon ... Hoping the three of them will be in the game.

  • Alfred I guess.

  • Probably Cat Woman, I like how she's often shown as an antihero.

  • The Joker, no doubt.

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    Joker number 1

    See more Joker wallpapers

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    John Doe.

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    1. Joker
    2. Orphan
    3. Jim Gordon
    4. Bat-Wing
    5. Azrael
  • Hugo Strange, Harley Quinn and now John Doe.

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    The Riddler

  • My favorite villain would be Scarecrow
    In the telltale series it'll be Two-Face.

  • John Doe - outside of either of his Joker personas
    Riddler - might have taken the favorite slot if he'd lived long enough to learn more
    Avesta - could've used more screen time, but I enjoyed when they worked together

    Jim Gordon

  • Harley Quinn (Telltale one only)

  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face is probably my favourite one when the product, (be it games, movies or comics) actually develops the character. If not, he's generally pretty bland.

    Riddler and Ra's are two of my favourite villains of the Batman universe. I like the Joker, but given that he's so overused, he's starting to get a bit boring to me.

    I also like the character of Harley pre-new 52. In don't like at all how they are handling the character in the New 52s and Rebirth. I don't know how she is in other series she appears (such as Suicide Squad), but, at least in her solo run, I haven't enjoyed her character one bit.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm actually glad that she's now more than a Joker sidekick, since she's a great character that can stand well on her own; I just don't like how she is characterized now. I suppose it doesn't help that her solo series is simillar to a sitcom.

    There are notable exceptions recently when she's actually a really cool side character, such as in the Batman: White Knight universe (It's awesome, guys, if you haven't read it, it's a must!).

  • Bruce Wayne

  • Joker in dis game

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    oshit nvm

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    My favourite character Batman character who is not Batman is.. Man-Bat.
    He's the Bat, not a poser.

    1. The Joker would rank first for me due to his overall uniqueness as a character and his brilliance as a strategist. He's just way too much fun as a villain.
    2. Robin (Dick Grayson), just because he was such a badass in the Teen Titans cartoon (not TTG, mind you...).
    3. Batgirl (Barbara). She's sassy, and probably the only other bright spot in Bruce's gloomy life (Dick was kinda hardened because he didn't see eye to eye with Bruce's methods), not counting Tim Drake. Also, I'm not embarrassed to admit she's one of my childhood crushes.
  • As far as the telltale games are concerned I would have to say my favourite characters are as follows.

    As far as season 1 is concerned.

    Lady Arkham aka Vicki Vale - Anybody who says that they didn't think she would end up being Bruce's love interest and saw her being revealed as Lady Arkham is a liar because while I haven't read any of the comics I have seen almost all of the movies including the 1989 one with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger and when she introduced herself at Harvey's fundraiser in the game I immediately thought

    'Okay I know where this is going'

    However I was pleasantly surprised by the twist Telltale games gave this character and her backstory of how she was born Victoria Arkham Bruce's dad had her parents murdered because they tried to get in his way she was adopted the adopted parents abused her and how she wanted revenge on all those that had wronged her.

    As far as her being revealed as Lady Arkham I guess it should have become obvious something was not right with Vicki I mean she seemed totally immune to Bruce's charms from the very beginning granted once you know her backstory you can understand why she would be immune to his charms but still every other woman seems to be attracted to Bruce/Batman weather he wants them to be like Catwoman and Avesta or not like Harley.

    I refuse to believe season 1 is the last we have seen of Lady Arkham aka Vicki Vale not just because it seems weird/stupid for the telltale crew to put so much time and effort into twisting a character the way they twisted Vicki for her simply to be a one season villain.

    Besides which if/when she does return she might have a new weapon in her arsenal against Bruce that being his true identity (if you decided to take off the cowl) I can't help but wonder and want to find out how she is going to use that to her advantage against Bruce because as much of a shock as it was for her there is no doubt in my mind she would use it against him and if Bruce has given up Batman now/season 3 would be the perfect time to use it.

    Thomas and Martha Wayne - I know technically speaking they weren't really in season 1 but I'm listing them as my favourite characters because I liked/loved how telltale again twisted what or how we perceived Bruce's parents specifically his father.

    In every other incarnation of Batman Thomas and Martha are seen by all those around them as saints. Bruce himself puts them on a pedestal and I love how Telltale showed how nobody is whiter than white nobody is 100% pure everybody has a dark side or darkness within them and the power and the ability to do bad and I think Thomas Wayne is a prime example of that.

    Season 1 focused a lot on Thomas and I can't help but think/feel that there maybe more consequences that Bruce is going to have to deal with because of his father's actions.

    As far as Martha is concerned we didn't really find out a lot about her except (depending on your choices) that she tried to stop Thomas and it was because of her intent to stop her husband that Hill had them both killed. So I would like for us to learn more about Martha as well as hopefully find out if there are any more skeletons in Thomas Wayne's grave.

    Season 2

    Waller And Gordon - The reason I put these two together is because I love the contrast between them.

    Waller will do whatever it takes to get what she wants she doesn't let anything or anybody stand in her way. She uses what she has at her disposal or who she has at her disposal and is not ashamed of her actions.

    Gordon is the exact opposite he does what the law allows him to do and refuses to cross the line unlike Waller.

    An in a way in season 1 and season 2 we the players get to decide what kind of Batman we want to be.

    Do we want to be a Batman like Waller who brutalises Falcone breaks the sniper's arm is willing to sacrifice agent's lives and sacrifice Catwoman etc.
    Do we want to be a Batman like Gordon who arrests Falcone get's the information we need out of the sniper and then leaves him for the cops and does what needs to be done in order to ensure that the agents live and sacrifices himself in order to protect Catwoman.

    Outside of the Telltale Universe my favourite characters are.

    Two Face aka Harvey Dent - Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favourite actors and in part because he played him in Batman Forever and because the character is such an interesting one I have been a fan of this character ever since. When The Dark Knight came out and Harvey Dent was in it I was kind of hoping that he would end up turning him into Two Face but because you already had the mob and Joker I figured 'nah they're not going to turn him that early they're going to save that for another movie'

    So I was pleasantly surprised when they did in fact have Harvey become Two Face and I think Aaron Eckhart played both characters (technically speaking) as well maybe even just that little bit better than Tommy Lee Jones did because while they are the same characters their portrayal of them was totally different.

    Ra's Al Ghaul - I loved the storyline of how it was Ra's and The League of Shadows in Batman Begins which trained Bruce how to fight etc I also liked how Liam Neeson's character was revealed to be the real Ra's Al Ghaul.

    I am hoping that as far as new villains are concerned in season 3 Ra's might be one of them because if Bruce has given up Batman then Ra's coming in now would be perfect because he could offer Bruce the chance to continue to fight crime without Batman by joining his League of Shadows/Assassins.

    Scarecrow - While I liked the storyline of how Ra's was introduced into the Batman movie franchise I have to say while I liked Scarecrow being introduced into the movie franchise as well I was at the same time disappointed because his backstory was not as well developed it was almost as if the powers that be behind Batman Begins thought to themselves

    'oh we need a side-kick villain for Ra's...........let's go with Scarecrow'

    An then boom Scarecrow was in the movie just like that.

    He is also another villain that I am hoping will make his Telltale games debut in season 3 due to the fact I think him spreading fear throughout Gotham would be a great way to get Bruce back into the Batsuit.

    Also I would love to know/see what certain characters fears are and how they deal with being confronted by those fears and whether or not the aftermath of having faced those fears is positive or negative kind of like how the decision to trust or not trust John has a positive/negative consequence etc.

    Last but not least

    Joker - Like almost all of the characters in Batman my introduction to this character was through the movies starting off with Jack Nicholson who played an awesome Joker. Although now looking back on it because I know more about the Batman backstory I think it was a mistake/stupid to have Jack Napier be the one who killed Bruce's parents.

    Although at the time I thought it was a very clever shocking and surprising twist because it gave the characters Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jack Napier/Joker history and in a weird way it was kind of like Telltale season 2 where Batman/Bruce Wayne creates The Joker through his actions decisions etc.

    Only in the 1989 movie Jack Napier/Joker pretty much creates Batman by killing Bruce's parents and then years later by not being able to hold on to Jack Napier who falls into that vat of chemicals Batman then creates Joker.

    Like Batman tells Joker up on that church rooftop.

    "I made you you made me first."

    An then we have the legendary Oscar winning performance of the Joker by Heath Ledger. While we didn't get Joker's backstory in The Dark Knight we simply got different stories on how he got his facial scars. I think the fact he kept giving different stories added to his character because it was almost like John Doe in Telltale who doesn't remember anything about his time before Arkham maybe the reason Joker in The Dark Knight keeps telling different tales about how he got the scars is because he himself doesn't know or maybe he simply tells different tales about how he got them in order to scare the person he is telling the tale to.

    The alternative 'relationship' that Batman and Joker have in The Dark Knight is another thing I like/love Joker from the very beginning seems intent on pushing Batman's buttons testing him to the limit and then going beyond that. In a weird way I think what Joker tells Batman in that interrogation room about how Batman 'completes' him is true because it does seem to me like Joker thinks or feels as though trying to best the bat gives him purpose.

  • Joker y harley quinn

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