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Where is the Sam & Max theme in the Season Two soundtrack?

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I love the soundtracks — they're brilliant. But I can't help feeling disappointed over the lack of including the Sam & Max opening credits theme song for season two on the last soundtrack. At least, I can't seem to find it (doesn't seem to be buried in any of the cutscene suites either, but correct me if I'm wrong).

Anyone know if there's a way to get the theme song (or if I'm completely wrong and I somehow missed it)? I'm not talking about the season one theme. It just seems so strange for it to not be there...
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  • I don't have my copy with me but I think it's on the second disc, a track called "Freelance Police." The music that you'll recognize from the opening credits comes in partway through.
  • Actually, it's on the first disc, and it's called Freelance Panic. I think I remember hearing that it wasn't written to be the theme song, or something?
  • "Freelance Panic" has elements in it, but it's not quite it. That's the music from the season two trailer. The music from the theme song is different.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The opening credits of Season Two is actually spliced together edit of Freelance Panic. You can hear the opening organ chords of the Season Two intro towards the end of the song on the soundtrack, for instance.

    I did the original edit from Jared's MIDI original when mocking up the opening, and Jared did the final cleaned up re-edit once he had the musicians play through the full in-game version.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. Hearing them side by side made a difference. In my hopes for a version with the same opening structure (with those infamous first eleven chords at the beginning of the track), I didn't notice how similar they were.
  • I would love to have the game-version of the track, too.

    Any chance it could be included as a bonus in the Season 3 soundtrack?
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