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Telltale Werewolf (signup phase)

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Hey, I wanted to make a werewolf game. So I did.

Game Status

[CENTER]Player list:[/CENTER]
8. Sanin92
9. Compy 386
10. Agi
11. zombiemaniac
Let me know if you wants to join. Signing up is a commitment. If you're unsure if you can play do not join.

Vague explaination of the rules
Ok, I'll try my best to explain the rules of werewolf for those of you who don't don't know. Werewolf is a role playing game often played on forums. To sum it up, it's a game of a battle between the 'good' villagers and the 'evil' werewolves. However, you don't know which side everyone except you is on - it's up to you to work it out.
Every day the villagers get to vote on who they think is a werewolf. Game days here will last around three days. You can vote until I declare to stop posting so I can count 'em up. These votes will be counted here in the first post. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes will be lynched, and they are out of the game. If you fail to vote, you will have a phantom vote against you on the next day.
After the person is lynched, the day phase changes into the night phase. During the night phase, the wolves discuss who to kill in PM, and once they have decided the wolf leader must send me a PM saying who they are going to kill (the wolf leader is randomly chosen at the start of the game, but if s/he is killed the role will be passed on to another wolf). The chosen person will be killed as soon as the next day phase starts. The day phase will start when I have received all the necesarry PMs - night phases will last at least 1 day.
The game is over as soon as either all the wolves or all the villagers are dead. If all the wolves are dead, the villagers win, and vice versa.

We will be playing with this set up -
  • 14 players
  • 4 wolves
  • 10 villagers
  • 5 aux roles (see below
Aux Roles
These are villagers with special powers. There will be one of each. These Aux Roles are key to the game!

You have the ability to sense danger - you can find out how many wolves are left. Every night, you must PM the host (me) to say if you want to use your ability. However, the wolves may be told if you do so! They will not be told your identity.

You can sense the abilities other players have. Every night, you must PM the host (me) to say if you are going to use your ability. However, if the person you choose is a wolf, they will be told that one of them has been discovered by the Psychic - though not your identity.

Guardian Angel
You have the ability to pretect from death. Every night you must PM the host (me) to say if you are going to use your ability. The person you protect can not be harmed by the wolves or the ninja. Yes, you can protect yourself.

You are an assassin. Every night you must PM the host (me) to say if you are going to kill anyone. If you choose to, the chosen person will be dead by the start of the next day phase.

You can bring two dead players back to like during the course of the game. If you choose to, you must PM the host (me), saying who you wish to revive during the night phase. This person will return to the game the next day.

One final rule... Do not show anyone your role ID. If I found out, you will die immediately.

Um... I hope I explained these rules well... any questions? >.<
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  • Hahah, I was thinking about this. Where I'm from it's called mafia.

    Sure, I'll play.
  • As much as I love the game of Werewolf (learned to play it at our Discworld Convention) and am a little familiar with Mafia too, I don't think I'll sign up... I think it would be a little awkward to play across the 'net (I guess the lynching is public, and the rest go through you via PM) and I'm not familiar with some of the roles you listed (we only had the Seer, Hunter and Cupid in our games).

    Still, have fun with it!
  • I actually (twice) the "Game Master" of a mafia forum, a lovely unpaid "position" where I ran mafia affairs in a subforum at a gaming company. The set up uses some terms I find to be odd with the roles but are kind of like Werewolves terms - seer being different than what I usually see, with the psychic taking that role's normal function.

    Set up seems kind of unbalanced though with 5 wolves to fifteen players.
  • Ooooh, A game of mafia. FUN!
  • PariahKing is signed up. I turned wolves down to just 4, I guess 5 is a bit too much. Also yeah, werewolf is pretty much mafia... It's the same but a little different I guess.
  • what time zone will you be using to determine day/night status?
  • Sign me up....This is pretty much mafia, except theres the doctor instead of the guardian angel
    and the cop instead of the ninja
  • corruptbiggins;169679 said:
    what time zone will you be using to determine day/night status?
    I am in the UK, so BST I think. That's either GMT +1 or GMT -1... can't remember which. I'm not very good at meeting deadlines, so I'll just set a minimum length which can be lengthened if I feel like it.
  • it's +1 and that's tip top for me.

    count me in.
  • I'll join! Although without 3D graphics, this may seem odd to me...
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