Telltale + Linux: A Definitive Guide



  • Помогите мне у меня в The Walking Dead 2 сезон просит что бы зайти в игру нужно ввести ник (или E-mail) и пароль ввожу имя и пароль и пишут "не возможно войти в игру повторите ещё раз или выйдите из игры).Что мне делать??! :(

  • Help me I have in The Walking Dead season 2 asks you to enter the game you should enter the user name (or email address) and password, enter the name and password, and write "it is not possible to enter the game again or quit the game)What do I do??! :(

  • Is this a Linux question? I think you're in the wrong thread.

    Make sure the username and password are correct and for the same acount you bought the game with.
    But really, make a new thread. I doubt Telltale reads this one.

  • It almost feels like beating a dead horse by now, but I’d really appreciate native GNU/Linux support.

    I’m buying only games that run natively in my OS and that’s the only reason why haven’t bought any TellTale games for years now.

  • xin giup do toi da cai game jurassic park tren may tinh win 7 ,khi dang nhap hien thong bao [Sorry, but it looks like you don’t own the full version of Jurassic Park] vay toi phai lam the gui thong bao theo gmai

  • Telltale, create linux versions of your games and I will buy ALL of them! Until then I can't really do that, can I?

  • hey please make a support in linux and android, not everything ios and mac, if you are fan apple then i dont buy games with us, if you are intereseting in money, support linux and android, android have better user and linux have lot of people that want to spend your money

  • Not sure if anyone from telltale checks these boards but it won't harm to try.

    Can any of you just comment on the status of possible linux ports, just a simple no is acceptable too. Not a lot of people are going to blind purchase these games in the hope to be able to play them via wine/other emulation.
    I you yourself are not capable of putting resources towards it, at least contact Aspyr as they have done great stuff with porting very demanding games, these simpler games should be no problem for them.

    hope to play telltale games someday.

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