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Funniest moment in Telltale games

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Ladies and gentlemen, you've played them for years and you've enjoyed them as well, so now i want to hear from YOU:

What was the funniest moment you've seen in any Telltale game you've played?

Post A.S.A.P!!!!
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  • The whole "Dangeresque 3"-Episode. I never had such a good laugh during a whole game.
  • The Cheat in a bikini for Battle of the Bands. Awesome.
  • Hmm... I wasn't greatly impressed by the demo of Strong Bad, but I'm hearing so much praise it might be time to use my free game coupon and get a full episode.
  • It simply isn't fair to compare Sam and Max with everything else, it's just on a higher pedestal. Monkey Island really is the only one of them that has a CHANCE, and I don't think it has developed far enough that it can breach the top ten list of Sam and Max moments.
  • The food related love song in SBCG4AP is one of the top moments for me, although I say that since I'm listening back to it at the moment.

    Ohhh fondue!
    It's so warm and its gooey
    Fonduey, so truey
  • Guess who's standing behind the shower curtain with a knife?!
  • I can't think of a specific example, but almost everything that Max says cracks me up... ...little buddy.
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