• I have not tried this yet but I'm pretty sure when your nice to slab you will get the journal back I wonder if the Journal has anything significant in it.

  • Yes, Nell was friendly through out, cant say the same about any of the other new characters.

  • I cried when Ivor said goodbye to Harper. I'm no shipper but it was so cute seeing Ivor like that. Also I could not stop laughing when Ivor took the atlas and flint and steel I obviously let him go :)

  • Was Hadrian played by cat from catdog?

  • So a lot of people are saying they liked the Slab ending so I played the episode with that choice and it really worth upsetting that miner guy who wanted to talk with you I always thought Slab would be one of those characters you really wouldn't like but it's just like with Ivor he became one of my favorite characters (but Nell is really my favorite) and that extra choice of Luckas gets his journal back was pretty cool although if you do talk to the miner I wonder what you can do with the lapis he gives you.

  • Oh, the entire episode was awesome...
    Before I was able to play this (Xbox One), I actually thought either Lukas or Petra would DIE, I am actually surprised they didn't, but also happy!
    Sure hope you guys make a Season 2!

  • So I usually play on mcsm on Xbox one but since mcsm episode 8 Xbox came late on Xbox one I decided to play the episode on my phone since I don't play story mode on my phone choices were randomly generated. So that extra scene at the end does depend on your choice in episode 1 when I played on my phone it was 100 chicken sized zombies (it was a randomly generated choice so that's why) but when it released on Xbox one it was 10 zombie sized chickens I liked 10 zombie sized chickens better.

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