Episode 8 Spoiler Thread.



  • I think that the last choice you make, which is either:

    • Joining Ivor on his own adventures
    • Stopping Ivor from going
    • Staying at the village
    • Letting him go

    ...should definitely determine the first episode of Season 2.

  • Can someone help i can only play minecraft story mode episode 1 if i try to play episodes 2-8 it gives my xbox 360 red ring of death

  • My biggest absolute regrets in this game are a) keeping Ellegaard's armor throughout the entire game and b) not getting Lukas' awesome journal back.

    So many regrets about that journal....

  • Creeper1846 It does -_-

  • The question mark is plain minecraft! Steve was Steve?, The End? and The Beggining? (Both Achievements), On marketing and even on The game files Steve is named Steve?

  • Well great, now I need to get back into the series. I don't wanna just watch the end of episode 8 - I wanna watch it ALL

  • Yes because there is so much possibilities in the minecraft world.

  • i would really like season 2.... I like in episode 8 how they just all put their hearts together.

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    ep 8 was a lovely ending and a great end to the game thanks for every one that made it possible

  • Honestly, I didn't like the ending.

    I didn't like episode 8 at all. The final battle was kind of lame and the ending was just boring. I expected them to return home and the world would've changed dramatically or something. It was just a generic, happy ending.

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    Is episode 9? Or another season gonna happen or release? Im still bump about the ending it was like Thas it?! Oh please give me some news or any info.

    Email it to me

    Oh please. Please!

  • It does, I wonder what happens if you don't say anything or say huh?

  • I guess you diden´t understand the ending then. Not trying to sound like an smartass or insult you but you must read between the lines. It´s not fun when someone tells it straight out so you must figure it out. Tho what did you pick at the end? Did you fallow Ivor or let him go?

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    I watched my sister play the last episode, she let Ivor go.

    I guess you diden´t understand the ending

    Soo they didn't ALL safely get back to their world and display the pieces from their adventures in their temple?

    EDIT: Sorry if that sounded aggressive, it wasn't meant to be.

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