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Tales of monkey island on wii is unbearable

posted by cywarlock on - last edited - Viewed by 19.9K users
I love the monkey island series like many of us do but i cant even pretend to be satisfied with the product i've bought on wiiware today. for 10 dollars i dont expect the mona lisa but i sure as hell expect a game that functions without the insane amount of frame rate issues. so im just wondering... is this going to be fixed via update or is telltale going to lose customers?
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  • Stop bashing nintendo, people. Sure, the file size is limiting, but every company makes stupid choices.

    Apple - Switching to intel, rendering old software useless.
    Microsoft - Releasing vista too quick
    Youtube - Limiting videos to 10 minutes
    Lucasarts - (If I need to tell you what they did, you shouldn't be here)

    Nobody put a gun to telltales head and made them port it to wii. If a console can't handle a game, that's that. Don't release a game that is hardly playable and charge $10 for 1/5th of it.

    The wii is my only way of running Tales of Monkey Island, as it isn't playable in OSX. (I don't blame ANYONE for that) And I must say, I am extremely disappointed that this game is poorly ported.
  • ^ If they didn't port it, they'd barely make up for development costs. Though why wasn't XBOX Live arcade chosen? Controls?
  • Gman5852 wrote: »
    People still play wii, I still play wii. Wii sales are still beating xboxes and ps3s combined last I checked

    Indeed they are, and with MH3 on the Japanese horizon [with a choice of it being budded with a Japan exclusive Black Wii] then Wii sales will continue to outsell the other consoles over there, lie it has done for most of the last 3 years. Excluding, of course, the handhelds, which are KING over there. :cool:

    No excuse for Nintendo forcing Telltale [and other devs] compressing reasonably small games into tiny messes with the 40MB limit, though [or whatever it actually amounts to on the Wii, I wouldn't know, I avoided it for the PC version].
  • Please quit with the console fanboy stuff.
  • i downloaded and played the whole game yesterday. I don't understand the hate of a lot of people here, yes there are frame rate problems but they are far from unplayable. I was completely satisfied with this download and I am excited to play the next chapter on the wii as well
  • Maybe I am missing something, but it does NOT run this smooth on my Wii :confused:

    If only it would run that smooth then I would be a happy camper! I get lots of video and audio lag... sometimes the voice goes into a loop for 5 to 6 times saying the same word over and over.
  • But as far as I know Tales of Monkey Island isn't OUT in Japan.

    And again, the MACHINE selling a lot doesn't have anything to do with people playing the Wii. What their argument is would be game attach rate, especially for Wiiware titles.

    Playing devil's advocate for console bashers isn't likely the best idea, but the lack of logic on the side of those on the "right" side is annoying me.

    I wasn't really commenting on anything about the game attach rate etc., just informing Fury that the Wii is still outselling the PS3, 360 in Japan.
  • are you guys playing this on 480p? I played the whole game on 480i and did not encounter some of the problems posted in this thread
  • I would like to apologize to TellTale. I loaded up the game when I got home from work today, and I don't know if it was a fluke or maybe my wii needed a "reboot" last night, but ToMI was completely playable tonight. It was still a little choppy frame rate, but the 2-4 sec load time in the middle of scenes were not there.

    I look forward to playing this game again now, and I am sorry for stating that it was unplayable
  • [TTG] Yare wrote: »
    Please quit with the console fanboy stuff.

    I agree Yare. Here here.

    But I must say, I'm a little pleasantly surprised to see it coming from you, the individual who claimed "the DS has roughly the same processing power as a toaster[.] The engine and all of the game [Tales] assets would need to be completely remade to work on the DS's lame dual-ARM architecture."

    And "An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii, even."

    I promise I'm not trying to start anything. I'm just saying, those were strong words.

    An iPhone uses ARM, though a different flavor (DS: an ARM 9, and an ARM 7; iPhone: an ARM11). So maybe it's the DS's dual-ARM that's lame, not ARM itself. But either way it seemed like some mighty strong emotionally charged disparaging words. Clearly the DS is no powerhouse. There'd be no way it could run TMI as is. But still. A toaster?

    And regarding the Wii, that the iPhone is more powerful seemed odd to me. So I looked it up. Not that I didn't take your word. It just surprised me. Wondered in what way the iPhone is more powerful.

    I've found message boards where random posters claim the iPhone is more powerful than the Wii. But I personally can't find any hard evidence. Of course, I don't work at TellTale, so you might very well know better than I Yare. But some evidence would be nice.

    Because from what I've seen, the Wii processor runs faster than the iPhone's. The Wii has a dedicated GPU, whereas I can't see that the iPhone does. The Wii outputs in 640x480 whereas iPhone does 320x480. The iPhone has 128 MB RAM, whereas the Wii only has 88MB RAM with a 3MB texture memory and frame-buffer (holy smokes that's small).

    So it seems like the Wii 'wins' in processor and resolution, and the iPhone 'wins' in memory.

    So, I dunno. Not trying to start anything. Just didn't want that statement to be put out there without exploring it.

    Clearly the XBox360 and PS3 are way more powerful. But, again folks, for better or worse (depending on what systems one has, I suspect has much to do with which option we think is true) the game is on PC and WiiWare. I personally see no need to hate on any of the systems.

    And back to the's great guys. Even with the tech issues, it's great.

    I am going to try playing in interlace and not progressive and see if that makes a difference on my system. Because, though I don't love the compression, it's the choppiness that distracts me the most.

    I do hope now that the "play from SD card" option is available, Nintendo will eventually raise the 40mb cap. It may not happen in time for TMI Season 1. But hopefully down the road. I mean, even a 100mb cap (one-fifth the total internal storage capacity...holy guacamole the Wii has very little internal storage...I wonder if Nintendo didn't expect this downloadable game thing to take off as much as it has) would be welcome.
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