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Tales of monkey island on wii is unbearable

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I love the monkey island series like many of us do but i cant even pretend to be satisfied with the product i've bought on wiiware today. for 10 dollars i dont expect the mona lisa but i sure as hell expect a game that functions without the insane amount of frame rate issues. so im just wondering... is this going to be fixed via update or is telltale going to lose customers?
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  • I'm running on the idea that the Wii game is broke and I just wasted $10, and if I fiddle with some settings I might make a broken game bearable - which is still not how I wanted to enjoy this game. So based on that is it worth it to buy the PC game? I'm already feeling a bit ripped off but for some reason I still want this.

    Maybe I should just buy the updated original and wait and see how this plays out.
  • I think we've all gotten spoiled recently by pixel-perfect ports on the various consoles. Remember when inferior console game ports were the rule rather than the exception? I mean, just look at King's Quest V on the NES:

    Yikes. But for people that didn't have a PC, at least they got to play the game.

    Of course, I haven't played the Wiiware version of TOMI, so I can't judge for myself just how "broken" it is. Could someone post more footage? The clip that was posted earlier in the thread honestly didn't look too bad to me...
  • I don't know if somebody already brought this up, but IGN reviewed Tales of MI on Wii, and while they do say "the game suffers from poor frame rate that causes jerky motions, and the graphics are a lot more muddled in the low-res Wii game" and "the load times as you transition between various parts of the game are a bit on the long side" they still give it a 7/10.

    I doubt they would give it a good score like this if the problems of the Wii version were that unbearable, and on the other side I don't think people reporting problems are inventing them. So maybe something went wrong when the game was actually uploaded on the wii store, or there could be specific conditions on some Wiis that make the frame rate worse than it should be (too much stuff on the console's hard drive maybe ?). I don't know.

    Maybe it's worth the time for Telltale to investigate the matter for future releases and put a "Wii FAQ" somewhere :)
  • salmonmax;172921 said:
    I think we've all gotten spoiled recently by pixel-perfect ports on the various consoles. Remember when inferior console game ports were the rule rather than the exception? I mean, just look at King's Quest V on the NES:
    I'm not sure that's a good example. The developers of KQV rewrote the game from scratch for it to work well with NES limitations.

    Of course, that's not a fair comparison, since they had much more time than TellTale did.
  • I've just registered for this forum today in order to weigh in:

    I downloaded the Wii version yesterday and played for several hours (I'm likely near the end of the episode?), and it was a very enjoyable experience throughout. Some of the people posting here are either prone to hyperbole or simply obsessive about minor loading / framerate issues that have no significant impact on a point & click adventure.

    The framerate was particularly low during the intro scene with LeChuck, yet even then quite tolerable, and after that point it remained perfectly acceptable throughout with only the little hiccups when something new is loaded -- but if you don't constantly dash forward when you enter a new screen, and give the sounds etc a chance to load, it doesn't really have a problem at all.

    I started out playing point & click games back in their heyday, and I've never thought of it as a genre that one rushes through, instead you take your time and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of each new area. The occasional loading screen or pause when something new is about to occur is perfectly acceptable and doesn't hurt the experience one bit.

    Given the filesize limitations of WiiWare, the game's graphics are very impressive, and I've enjoyed every minute of playing it. I hope Telltale isn't discourage based on the usual phenomenon of a handful of disproportionately loud voices online: I imagine that most customers who download the game, and who enjoy this sort of genre, will have a great time and won't dwell on minor framerate or loading issues.

    Please continue to bring the remaining episodes to WiiWare, as this new series deserves great credit for reawakening the feel and humor of the classic Monkey Island games, and I much prefer playing on the TV with the Wii remote to sitting in front of my computer.
  • Sounds like there may have been some exaggeration on the part of some of the early posters, so I take back what I said. Still, it would be nice to see the game running more smoothly- it's very annoying to play a stuttery console game.
  • Answer me one question:

    Sam and Max for Wii, better or worse than tales of monkey island wiiware?

    Because I found sam and max s1 for wii to be extremely playable.
  • I don't know what Lucasarts specifications to 'make it for Wii' were, but surely releasing the whole season on disc after the PC run has ended would've made more sense TT guys?
  • To the people likening TMI on Wiiware to the Wii disc release of Sam & Max Season One, that's simply not true. Sam & Max Season One is very playable on the Wii. And I'm up to episode 5 now. I haven't played TMI on Wiiware yet, but I can imagine how choppy it'd be judging by what everyone is saying about it. There's no way Sam & Max Season One is that bad. Just saying.
  • I'm a big Monkey Island fan, but ive never been a PC gamer. I have only recently been able to load and play good games in my PC, HOWEVER when I tried to play games like Portal or TF2, they lagged like crazy and it put me off playing further.

    So when I found out this game would be available on the Wii, I didn't bother pre-ordering the PC version and instead, waited patiently for the Wii version to come out. It has always been my experience that if I wanted smooth, trouble free gameplay, I should always look to the game systems first.

    So now,what am I supposed to think? Everything I know has just been turned on it's ear! :mad:
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