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Tales of monkey island on wii is unbearable

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I love the monkey island series like many of us do but i cant even pretend to be satisfied with the product i've bought on wiiware today. for 10 dollars i dont expect the mona lisa but i sure as hell expect a game that functions without the insane amount of frame rate issues. so im just wondering... is this going to be fixed via update or is telltale going to lose customers?
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  • @natlinxz

    I believe that's true about their initial plans and the VC, but the problem going forward is that the system update that allowed SD card functionality really wasn't anything but a shortcut -- all it does is quicky copy the game from your SD card to the internal NAND and then launch it. That's convenient enough generally, but it explains why you're required to have equivalent free space on the system in order to launch a game from SD, and it also explains why the 40mb limit is still somewhat necessary: launching larger games from SD would require more space to be kept open in the system memory at all times, more time for the preload when it copies the game, and more data being copied and erased on a frequent basis, possibly leading to a shorter lifespan for the internal memory.

    Anyhow, as I said above, I'm personally very satisfied with what ToMI was able to do within the 40mb limit, and I'll continue to purchase the episodes this way, even though I could run them on my computer.
  • natlinxz wrote: »
    However, now that they have SD card support, they really should remove the 40 meg limit.

    Yeah, I think the limit should be more like 100mb if they are going to impose a limit.
  • I was thinking a bigger limit would make sense with the SD card support, as well.

    If the rumors of an upcoming "WiiHD" have any truth to them, I'd think Nintendo would have to seriously consider expanding what can be delivered via Wiiware.
  • [TTG] Yare wrote: »
    There are a lot of great games out there with very high production values that do mediocre sales. Valkyria Chronicles, Little Big Planet, and so on.

    Littlebigplanet actually sold pretty well and continues to do so, well into the millions by now. Plus there's all the profit from the DLC and things.

    But yeah, I do see where you're coming from, I just think LBP's "failure" gets bandied about a lot when it's not strictly true.
  • natlinxz wrote: »
    So you are saying the wii doesn't have as much graphics capabilities as it requires? I don't know about you, but Mario Kart Wii and Brawl work just fine for me.

    They work fine in their respective domains and Nintendo does an excellent job to bypass the limiations, they keep the colors bright and dont use too much textures they rely heavily on guraud shading and keep the textures down and basically try to keep clean colors to hide the limitations instead of plastering textures all over the polygons. As soon as you hit a highly textured area you can see the limitations all over the place. Sorry it is like that. Modern graphics cards on the PC have about 5-10 times the amount of the entire ram of the wii, and about 10 times the power (if not even more)
    there was a huge jump around 2-3 years ago when the last DirectX hit the scene and the last console generation was introduced on chipset level, which Nintendo did not follow.
    And I can understand why, the games Nintendo does do not really demand a big hardware, they mostly are on the cartoony side.

    But that is not even the main issue, the main issue here is the 40 mb limit which basically enforced even more compression on texture and sound. I am rather sure a CD only version of TOMI whould have looked pretty much the same as Tomi on the PC on level 1-3 the game is not that demanding.
    But Telltale seems to have done a tremendous job to even get all this into the measly 40 mbs, wiiware enforces.
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    I'm afraid I agree with those that say that it shouldn't have been released for the Wii like that.

    The poor quality sound is Nintendo's fault for limiting to 40 MB, but the low framerates are a problem in Telltale's part. It should have been properly tested and optimized for the Wii before release.

    Also, the image in the Wii version is stretched. Why?

    All in all, this feels like a rushed release.
  • I was struck by Yare's comment that they needed to port this to the Wii. Was that a condition of the licensing agreement with Lucasarts? And if so why the Wii specifically?
  • OMA wrote: »
    The poor quality sound is Nintendo's fault for limiting to 40 MB, but the low framerates are a problem in Telltale's part. It should have been properly tested and optimized for the Wii before release.

    The low framerates are also a result of Wii system limitations, since it only has something like 80mb of RAM, and the OS uses a bit of that as well.

    The 40mb size limit also comes into play here too, as the game has to be so massively compressed to fit into the limit that a ton of system resources are being wasted on decompressing things and swapping things in and out of the decidely low amount of system RAM available.
  • @OMA

    The image in the Wii version doesn't look stretched in any way for me, but I have a standard aspect-ratio TV, and am I guessing correctly that you're running it in a widescreen ratio? Or, how did it seem stretched?

    I certainly disagree with your claim that it shouldn't have been released as it was--it's very enjoyable on the Wii, and looks great overall. Once again, there are likely many out there like myself who prefer to play something like this on the TV with the Wii remote, and others who may not even have the option of running it well on the PC to begin with.

    Have those complaining made it very far into the game? The framerate is worst right at the beginning with LeChuck, but once you reach the island it tends to be perfectly fine, except for little jumps here and there when something is clearly loading into memory.
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