Tales of monkey island on wii is unbearable



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    This kind of comments makes you, and the company you work for, look terribly bad at the eyes of everyone. The fact that you didn't suceed in making something that functions properly shouldn't be blamed on the WII's hardware. Metroid Prime runs without problems, and it is infinitely more beautifull and demanding that anything TellTale ever done. So please, make no excuses. I have a lot of love for TellTale, but these comments have got to go.

    Metroid Prime 3 is a retail product. 40 mb is a severe size limit. I can understand Telltale on this one. But I still hope they can improve for the next-chapter.

    That said, I hope that [TTG] Yare attitude towards the system doesn't reflect the rest of the team, because that attitude doesn't exactly make me feel hopefull regarding improvements.
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    ArakniD wrote: »
    -Because in order to run anything off the SD card, you need an equal amount of space on the Wii Console.
    Fair enough, but 40mb is still awfully stingy.
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    -Not everyone owns SD cards
    SD cards are what, like $5 a gigabyte now? I think if someone is interested in getting a lot of virtual console/wiiware titles they almost certainly have a decent SD card, or could run out and grab one easily.
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    Hi all, I think people are getting fairly bent out of shape about some comments from team members without reading them in the correct (or any) context, and I don't think the discussion train's going to get back on the tracks at this point.

    Please refer to this post if there are specific issues that you're having trouble with for the Wii version.
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