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Gamepad support

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I thought that I read somewhere that Wallace & Gromit had gamepad support. Does it? If so, how do I get it to work? I am using a PS3 controller....
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  • It supports my Xbox 360 pad.

    I've heard people on the forum say that they've got it working with other pads as well, but it seems to be a little less consistent on that front. I think support for other pads only started to come in around Episode 2.
  • it doesn't work with my PS3 controller, I've tried.
  • Gibbeynator;172859 said:
    it doesn't work with my PS3 controller, I've tried.
    So do I.

    I managed to use it with the Xpadder, but I still prefer the arrows+mouse, it's not so much effort to use three extra fingers :D
  • Is there anyway they can fix it so that you can use a PS3 controller? Like through an update or something.

    I played the first episode on the 360.... then just bought the other 2 yesterday & can't get used to the control scheme. I would use my 360 controller but it is wireless =(
  • You can use Xpadder to map your game-pad controls to whatever mouse and keyboard events you want.

    You can download the next-to-latest release here.
  • bhxob;172897 said:
    You can use Xpadder to map your game-pad controls to whatever mouse and keyboard events you want.
    Can somebody tell me how to use Xpadder? I have been trying to figure it out for ages... also, will it mess up my controls in my emulators? I mean, they work with my controller already, so will it jack up there settings?

    Nevermind.... they charge now.... I don't feel like spending the money on it. I could buy a wired 360 controller for that price.
  • For games that don't need Xpadder, I just set up a "blank" profile with no assignments and switch to that when appropriate. As for help, I would suggest the Xpadder support forums.
  • This is my suggestion:

    1) Study the keyboard controls;
    2) Set them in a realtime keyboard-to-joypad control converter, such as XPadder or Joy2Key (which worked like a charm for me: I'm using a cheap PS2-compatible joypad).
  • Just buy a saitek controller, at NCIX they've had the cordless P2900 (great quality and uses 1 AA) for $19.99 and I believe even lower one time (wait for the sale, they have them all the time). The programming software is top notch, you can do almost anything with. I can say its MUCH better playing with the P2900 rather than keyboard/mouse, this is a preference though. Lean back in the chair and play. I also have the P880, P3000, P2900, P3600 (for rumble) and two flight sticks from them, no problems at all, mainly just upgrades but they all still work. They also make a newer (v3) P3600 that works the same as an xbox360 controller. If you don't want to do that, here are some alternatives:

    Total Game Control
    Pinnacle Game Profiler
    JoystickCursor Control Tool (free)
    AutoHotkey (free)

    More out there as well, also if you do some searching on google, there is a dll file you can replace to map your current controller to that of the xbox360 setup that works in most games like this. Make sure you know what your doing before you start moving out dlls.


    HAHA go there now, they have them for $9.99 atm.
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