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Dunk: The Comic Creator

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I love where this comic in a comic is going. :)

I loved the bear with antlers (I would love to have one of those shirts that Telltale had printed up :), and I love Gordon's eccentricity.

Gordon in a public park in hockey gear in the middle of summer can't end well. :D
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    For those of you wondering where this week's Dunk comic went; I accidentally put up next week's strip. This week's comic will be going up shortly.

    <-- I'm with stupid.
  • Where'd all the comments for each strip go? :(
  • oldbushie wrote: »
    Where'd all the comments for each strip go? :(

    I'm wondering too, I liked reading them.. Better than having to click through to here.. Which people will probably never bother doing...
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    The strip comments were becoming quite problematic. While it made sense for a while to have comments directly on the comic page, the discussions that took place there were often wildly off-topic and resulted in ugly arguments that weren't remotely related to Graham's comic.

    The real cost of having comment threads there started to outweigh the perceived benefits. They were being used by just a handful of people regularly, and those folks often used them for reasons wholly unrelated to the Dank/Dunk comics. It was difficult, time consuming, and unsatisfying to try to rein the discussions in week after week, and it still seemed like folks were more interested in posting just to get their name on a webpage ("first post!", etc.).

    So, it made sense to try something different. We'll see how it goes.
  • Seems to me that there are now absolutely no comments related to each strip, so is that better?
  • Here's a comment: Dunk with a love interest could be interesting.
  • I honestly don't think a groupie talk about the entire comic can substitute comments for each issue. Why don't you just ask the kids to play nice or they'll get the boot? I'm sure anyone with enough taste to appreciate Graham's art will have the common sense to understand.
  • I guess there isn't really much that can be said about any individual strip though.

    Every comment's either going to be stating or quoting exactly what's just happened on the page, people discussing how much they love/hate/are indifferent to the comics, or people racing to be the first/second/214th poster.
  • I wouldn't mind if things speed up a little. The story moves a bit too slow for me. You can skip entire strips without loosing anything and that's kinda annoying after a while.
  • Yeah, the strip seems far too slow for a once a week update. Apparently there's a big backlog made in advance, so I would've thought 2, maybe even 3 updates a week would be feasible, at least for a while.
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