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Dunk: The Comic Creator

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I love where this comic in a comic is going. :)

I loved the bear with antlers (I would love to have one of those shirts that Telltale had printed up :), and I love Gordon's eccentricity.

Gordon in a public park in hockey gear in the middle of summer can't end well. :D
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Badwolf;178423 said:
    Apparently there's a big backlog made in advance...
    This might have been true at one point, but right now what goes up on the site is the latest one I've received from Graham, heh. I don't think that Dunk/Dank can be published more frequently, at least in the near term. Sorry!
  • Ah right, fair enough. I just remembered it being mentioned a while back.
  • I love Dank, but I would love a third comic series (or second, seeing as how the Sam & Max-comic finished quite a while ago). Telltale is full of creative minds, I'm sure you guys can think of something! Maybe a comic leading up to whatever new series you've got cooking backstage, or a Monkey Island sidestory, or just something completely unrelated to anything. I would love to see someone like Ryan Jones create a weekly comic.

    I still think Dank deserves his own game. His cameo in Telltale Texas Hold Em wasn't enough!
  • .….....where does he show up again? Maybe I'm just terrible at Texas hold 'em, but I don't remember him showing up.
  • Every time you win a game, you unlock a new set of card designs. The game then randomly selects a design out of those you have unlocked when new cards get dealed. If I remember correctly, you unlock two Telltale Hold Em logos, four cards with the faces of the other players, four cards with an item related to the four other players (a bottle of poison for Grandma Shaky, iron knuckles for Boris, a bottle of root beer for Harry, and a palmtree on a beach for Dudebrough), a card with mouse, one Dunk-card and two Dank-cards (3D Dank!). I might be forgetting a few unlockable cards, but I think that was it.

    Anyway, sorry for going off topic. So yeah, we want more Telltale Comic-goodness!
  • Ooh, Dunk has a girl he likes! Or maybe he just likes her burritos. Uh, no innuendo intended.
  • HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn't have the right to do this! You should be fired! I don't even know how to send an e-mail, so how can I use this?! I swear to god...! If I get my hands on you! Where's Tobacco when you need him? Where's koiboi when you need him? OUT OF CONTROLL?! I'll show you out of controll! I can't belive you would do this! Who do you think you are?! Mr. Boss-Man?! You can't possiblly have the authority to do this?!


    P.S. I am's biggest fan. :cool:
  • Found this on Telltale's Twitter: - Sneak peek at this week's Dunk comic!

    Who could it be? Looks a bit different than the usual Dunk-characters.

    EDIT: Oh wow, guess I was wrong about the mysterious new character. Good old Dunk again. I really like the new character btw!

    I still think Dunk/Dank would make for an awesome point & click, what with all the switching between Dunk's real world and his Dank-creations. And the art style is pretty awesome and unique, and seems perfect for the Wii.
  • lol, interesting sneak peek.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Aww, poor Mariska. I empathise with her, because I love to cook and no one ever seems to want to eat the new recipes I try, and I end up usually having to eat the whole thing by myself. But when I make my spaghetti sauce there's never any leftovers, since everyone eats it all up.
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