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Well it's out now... any comments?? (SPOILERS)

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Noticed a lack of any feedback on Bogeyman since its release. Pity Tales seems to be getting all the attention...

I quite enjoyed it, though not as much as Muzzled. It definitely felt like the longest of the series. The puzzles were rather clever, and I spent a while scratching my head over some of the riddles. I also liked how the gameplay was well split up over all the different locations (as opposed to most of the plot taking place at the carnival in Muzzled). There was a nice amount of character switching between Wallace and Gromit, more than any of the other episodes. It was also fun to see a (albeit brief) return of Monty.

The biggest problems I felt with the episode was the lack of a central villain (there wasn’t really any to speak of), and there wasn’t as much humour as some of the other episodes. Some of the graphic glitches, such as the ‘cracks’ in some characters’ faces rather distracting, but not enough to take me out of the experience.

Overall I found Bogeyman, as with the whole series a pleasure to play. Not quite a masterpiece, but a charming experience indeed.
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  • I haven't played it yet. Curse these 2am-UK-time launches! I hope they're not going to be a regular thing :(

    Anyway, I'll come back in here with feedback as soon as I get back from work and get my grubby mitts on it.
  • Yes, one comment...DOWNLOADING! :D hopefully it will be a good finale.
  • I love this series, Telltale has captured the spirit and feel of W&G perfectly. I really hope this isn't the last we see of them.
  • i definitely liked it. some of the puzzles were really interesting and i didn't mind the absence of a villain.
    the graphical errors were a bit nasty this time. the cracked faces, then i noticed something that looked like wallace had two faces and in a few scenes items seemed to be invisible or the camera seemed to be misplaced. i didn't notice anything like this in the previous episodes. like it has already been said, this doesn't disturb the actual game, but it would be nice if there would be a fixed version on the dvd.

    if was a great game afterall. at first i wasn't so fond of telltale doing wallace&gromit, but it turned out pretty good.
  • I think each episode has been better than the last, which is always a good thing.
  • I think I'm half way through. So far it was nice to play. I especially liked the golf club puzzles. But indeed the glitches were distracting but didn't hurt the gameplay. Animations seem to pass through things they shouldn't like the hands go through noses, the squirle goes through the tree, the trashcan camera angle seems weird, eye lids seemed to have a hole when they blink, tearing polygons etc.
    But the depth and the amount of character animation and expressions is absolutely great. Long dialogues, witty puzzles etc, well done again TT! If you look at a walkthrough at youtube of MI 4 you'll appreciate how much more and better animation is done in W&G and ToMI.

    The main villain of muzzled was a huge find, I would like to see that character back in another episode. This episode doesn't have such a great character but it does have a lot of other good stuff in there so I don't really miss it.
  • i would say that this was a good conclusion to this season and hope that they make another one.
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