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Strange inventory behaviour in WG104 Bogey Man

posted by Diduz on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users
Something strange happens sometimes while playing The Bogey Man. I can open the inventory, but the only way to select objects from it is by pressing SHIFT. ENTER doesn't work any longer and item icons aren't displayed. I can still play in this weird manner, but I experienced a nasty dead end in the golf course in the final section of the game: with the inventory strangely garbled like I described, I couldn't exit the remote control screen. I kept pressing the right mouse key, but I just had the blurry background of the street in front on me.

I solved the problem by reloading a previous bookmark and making sure that the inventory was correctly working BEFORE entering the final golf game.

I have an idea of what could be causing the inventory bug: every time the problem materialized, I had just saved the game with a bookmark. I do think the bug comes from there... somehow.
Unfortunately, it's not easy to reproduce it, because not every bookmark-saving causes the bug. :(
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