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But what's with the ugly jacket?: Character Designs

posted by DabigRG on - last edited - Viewed by 26.5K users

I'm curious about what everyone's thoughts are on some of the character designs of the various characters over the course of the Walking Dead games and even some from other iterations. Redesigns count too, of course. You guys can talk about whatever character you want and their hairstyle, outfit, color scheme, personality, detail, uniqueness, proportions, whatever it may be that you like or dislike. Which characters do you think have the best and/or worst design(s)? What is it that makes them work or what could've made them better.

Note: This is a thread about Character Designs in general. If you want to talk about which characters get your rocks on, here is where you wanna get off.

Here is a general outline:
Good: Clementine(Season 2, Adam's hoodie), Ben, Larry, Nick, Arvo
Cute(Can't think of better word, so no homo): Lee, Clementine(Cool Jacket), Molly, Bonnie(Season 2), Michelle, Sarah, Reggie, Gil
Okay: Eddie, Sarita, Carlos, Mike, Jane
[With]Nitpick: Kenny(Season 2), Carley, Bonnie(Season 2), Becca(Season 2), Luke(without), Carlos, Sarah, Jane
Not in: Kenny (post-eye), Katjaa, Rebecca, Carver

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